NCIS Season 14 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: New agents Wilmer Valderrama, Alex Quinn, Clayton Reeves create troubles in series

NCIS Season 14 release date predictions premiere
NCIS Season 14 release date revealed three new special agents to join the team in the series. Valderrama, Esposito & Henry’s roles predict trouble?

NCIS Season 14 release date is already slated this coming September 20. Right after its confirmation, many fans feel excited for the next episodes. Aside from that, they also anticipate fresh faces to join the cast as well.

After Anthony DiNozzo’s emotional farewell in Season 13, many felt heartbroken because it was unexpected. Nobody knew he will have his exit in NCIS office.

However, new faces of characters will be anticipated joining the rest of the characters. Predictions stated these two will leave a huge remark on the lives of the NCIS Season 14 fans.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirmed the coming of Special Agent Wilmer Valderrama in the coming series’ premiere. He told Variety about what the character has in-stored for the NCIS Season 14 expectants.

“Wilmer Valderrama will be able to flex his dramatic, physical and comedic talents in this classic ‘NCIS’ role. Fans are going to see him like they’ve never seen him before. This is going to be fun. We’re thrilled he’s coming aboard,” he said. His specific name was not given yet.

In addition, Jennifer Esposito confirmed her joining as well. According to Entertainment Weekly, she will play as NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn who is an experienced agent who left field work. In the series, her story on how she started as an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center will be featured.

It is also predicted that co-agent Gibbs will try to lure her to be part of his team and take advantage of her sharp wit, quick mind, and immense talent.

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“We couldn’t be happier to have Jennifer Esposito joining us for season 14. She embodies everything that we hoped for in the character of Quinn and we can’t wait to have her come to be a part of our team,” Goldberg cited.

Another fresh face to come in NCIS Season 14 will be Duane Henry who will play as MI6 officer Clayton Reeves. He has already starred in the previous season but he recently promoted as one of the regulars in the series.

Would Valderrama, Esposito and Henry’s roles predict to create trouble in the office? We’ll find out during NCIS Season 14 release date, which will be this coming September 20, 2016 on CBS.

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