NCIS spoilers: Valderrama thinks forward about deportation

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NCIS spoilers
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Brace yourself for some forward thinking as these reports of NCIS spoilers go. In this week’s episode, Victor Medina is the witness to a murder. He is also a former marine. It is discovered by NCIS that he happens to be an undocumented migrant. This is what NCIS spoilers reveal.

The Story of the episode

Bishop and Torres  are given the task of escorting Medina back to Washington following his attempt to escape. An ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent await him so that he may be deported according to TV Guide.

Something to believe in

The story struck a chord in the heart of Wilmer Valderrama , an advocate for immigrant’s rights in the United States for quite some time. He has also served as a director for the Voto Latino’s board. He plays the role of Torres in the series.

“I think now more than ever we have to put faces to the very combative conversations that are happening as we speak,” Valderrama confided to TheWrap. “We have to put people in the shoes of someone who is affected by something that you couldn’t possibly relate to.”

The Drama Unfolds

Gradually, the audience gets to know about the heroism displayed by the Marine in combat. Incidentally ,a technical loophole in the immigration system is the cause of his worries. It led to his loss of his green card. Bishop and Torres begin to sympathize with the former Marine. They also question the ethics behind the act of handing him over to the ICE according to NCIS spoilers. This is just the debate that Valderrama hopes to create in the minds of the audience.

The Intent

“Hopefully it creates a point of view that is more forward thinking when it comes to decisions that are about to be made in this country,” Valderrama said. “There are sectors of this conversation that do not apply to the general conversation about why people are so angry about this… I hope that people walk away from this episode with an open mind.”

The Ending

As the episode approaches its end NCIS spoilers reveal that Gibbs hand over Medina to the ICE. But also hooks up a good lawyer to plead for Medina.

Picture Courtesy: Greg Hernandez/Flickr

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