New angle to Raising Cane manager Taylor Friloux’s stabbing

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Photo courtesy: Public domain pictures

Raising Cane’s shift manager, Taylor Friloux was killed in an armed robbery on Wednesday just before she was about to close up the shop. Witnesses say two suspects wearing gray hoodies hid outside the restaurant and approached Friloux to force her inside to open a safe.

While the immediate intent seems to be to take property by force, police doubt that is only the motive involved.

Taylor Friloux was reputed to be such a happy person. Her boyfriend says she started each day with a kiss and loved to serve people. She was bright, cheerful and one day dreamed of opening her own bar.

The suspects seem to have got what they had wanted before they sped off in an SUV with a third suspect behind the wheel. But the question remains, as to why Taylor Friloux was so horrendously killed.

The manager was reportedly stabbed once outside the establishment, dragged inside to open the safe, after which she was stabbed several times in the head, neck and chest by the attackers.

Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser said, “It was a crime that no one is going to convince me was just pure robbery when you stab a 21-year-old girl.”

Apparently, it was a robbery that had gone too far.

Other employees of the incident during that time identified a former employee, Joshua Every, as one of the suspects.

Every used to work under Taylor Friloux but her boyfriend, Mack Keys, shared how both of them did not blend well in the workplace. Friloux must have shared her bad experiences with the suspect to the Keys, as the latter told police “He didn’t like his job. He was a mediocre worker.”

A description that is a complete opposite to how Taylor Friloux is remembered by. There must have been a clash of personalities somewhere, and rumors abound that Friloux had the suspect fired from his job, although it may have been implemented during another manager’s shift.

Surveillance cameras have captured the incident and it seems hard to rule out that emotions triggered by bad experiences between the two could have prompted the brutal killing.

Joshua Every is being held at the St John the Baptist Parish jail and faces first-degree murder and armed robbery charges.

Photo courtesy: Public domain pictures

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