New Jack Reacher movie: More drama than action only Tom Cruise can deliver; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back to earn more than predecessor

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Jack Reacher movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Jack Reacher movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Tom Cruise, Edward Zwick

Jack Reacher, a fictional character adapted from a series of books by British Author Lee Child, has a unique quality that draws a large audience on his history and cold personality. But the Jack Reacher movie of 2016 is said to be more revealing in ways the only actor Tom Cruise can deliver.

If things turn out the way it is expected, in a weekend that’s looking to be the busiest in Box Office so far this year, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is estimated to earn more than its predecessor. It is predicted to reach $20.2M.

Jack Reacher will debut in approximately 3,500 theaters, and according to a report by Movie Web this will be the highest roll out of any other new release such as Ouija: Origins of Evil, Keeping Up With the Joneses, and Boo! A Madea Halloween.

If all turns out well, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is expected to earn $5M more than the 2012 Jack Reacher movie.

Will we be seeing more steely, cold, calculated killing in this sequel we loved in the first Jack Reacher movie?

According to a report by the Chicago Sun Times, we will be seeing the curious protagonist opening up more. There will be more touches on his relationships than pure action. Hopefully, this means giving up a little bit of what Reacher fans have been craving, being drawn to his overall mysteriousness.

In the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the protagonist reconnects with a woman from the past, an alter-ego, and the audience will be pondering on the possibility of him having fathered a child he doesn’t know about.

“But then added to that is an opportunity dramatically in this case — because we see what happens to him when he’s forced to face aspects of his life he might otherwise have hoped to avoid.” Director Edward Zwick said.

“The genre piece here, of course, is getting the bad guys and being chased. But I wanted this to be a little more like some of the films Tom Cruise, and I had loved, like ‘Three Days of the Condor’ or ‘Bullitt,’ or movies where the emphasis is as much on the relationships as it is on the action.”

Will it be close to being too dramatic, which would offset the fans’ longing for more action-packed scenes? Will it be too corny and schmaltzy?

“His Reacher is so internal, and a man who does not open himself up very easily.”

“But when he does — when you see that window open into Reacher’s soul — you see a certain amount of pain and a certain amount of loneliness. It’s a real performance by Tom Cruise that is somewhat unexpected, and I don’t believe there are a lot of guys who can deliver that, as he does.”

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