New mysterious female character in Thor: Ragnarok spotted on set; Could it be Death? [PHOTOS]

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Thor: Ragnarok
Thor: Ragnarok

The cast and crew of Thor: Ragnarok has been filming on-location in Brisbane for scenes of the anticipated follow-up to Thor: The Dark World. Marvel even shared photos (which you can see below) of its two stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, a few days ago, to hype up the movie. Recently, more photos have been circulating the web, of Loki’s new garbs and of a mysterious new female character who will be making her debut in the third Thor film.



The new photos also hint at the return of other major characters in the Thor plot line, which includes Anthony Hopkins who plays Odin, Thor’s father. Another Instagram post shows the legendary actor, looking jovial on set. Fans who saw the second movie may recall that at the end of the film, Odin was shown being impersonated by the mischievous, Loki.

New costumes for the movie’s main characters were also previewed, thanks for some fan photos shared via Twitter. One photo shows Hiddleston in Loki’s green suit, but also covered in blue cloth (because they sure did not want to give it all away).

Chris Hemsworth was also seen on location in character, but only with the lower part of his costume exposed.


And finally, another photo teased of a mysterious female character, who was only wearing a blue robe to cover her costume and the identity of her character. The photo was shared via Twitter.

Some fans have theorized that the character is none other than Mistress Death, herself, Thanos’ love interest, and this seems like a plausible theory, given the current storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Others are guessing that it may also be Hela or Lady Sif, but based on the released cast list of Thor: Ragnarok, her profile does not seem to suit the aforementioned characters.

One other (possible) fan theory is that the mysterious woman is Gaea, Thor’s biological mother, who in her humanoid form, appears as a young lady in the Marvel comic books.

In any case, fans will just have to wait a little longer before finding out who the mysterious woman is, as Thor: Ragnarok will be out July 5, 2016.

Photo Courtesy: discutivo/ Flickr

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