New Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus: 5 Things to know about the 13th astrological sign

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With recent news circulating in the internet about the inclusion of a 13th zodiac sign which threw many people’s routine of checking their horoscope for a loop, people are wondering about the new astrological sign.

Ophiuchus was the culprit behind the change that caused the signs to start later than their original dates. Below are the things that will explain what exactly is the controversial zodiac sign is about.

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  1. Ophiuchus, Latin for serpent bearer, is actually associated with a real person, Imhotep, according to Zodiac-Signs.org. He was also known as ‘Aesclepius’ by the Ancient Greeks and lived in the 27th Century BCE in Ancient Egypt. Greek astronomer Ptolemy first recorded the constellation in the 2nd century. In terms of the zodiac, people who were born between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17 falls under the new astrological sign. This would usually be the placement for Scorpio or Sagittarius and the new sign happens to fall right in between them. The constellation also contains Barnard’s star, the second closest star to Earth.
  2. According to ophiuchus-serpentarius, an Ophiuchan’s personality traits are the following:
  • honest
  • impulsive and instinctual 
  • jolly, good-humored
  • prone to change
  • knowledgeable
  • intuitive and emotional
  • powerful
  • passionate
  • hard to attach to lovers
  • good-natured
  • curious
  • jealous
  • exciting and magnetic
  • overly critical of things disliked
  • clever and creative
  • restless and irresponsible
  • outspoken
  • master of the written/spoken word
  • imaginative
  • passion for justice
  • like unlimited freedom
  • passionate lover
  • procrastinator
  • playful and flirtatious
  • violent temper
  • like hidden causes, truth, involvement, persuasion, and being the undisputed best at something
  • dislike disapproval
  • require praise
  • dislike surface information
  • defensive
  • sexual magnetism
  • tendency to discard friends when not ‘useful’
  • sarcastic
  • rebellious
  • secretive
  • unable to be ‘labeled’
  • belong to multiple groups of friends

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3. Back in the 1970’s, the idea of a 13th astrological sign was already suggested but it was put to rest when some astrologers believed that the zodiacs should be divided into 12 equal parts according to the 12 months of the year.

4. According to the International Business Times, an Ophiuchan is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. They also have a flamboyant sense of style favoring bright, eye-catching colors. A favorable profession would be an architect or builder and have a lucky number of 12.

5. Most versions of the zodiac does not include Ophiuchus or Serpentarius because it is a rarely used astrological sign. According to astrologers, Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were used in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators. Anonymous of 379, an anonymous 4th century astrologer, associated the bright star of Ophiuchus, likely α Ophiuchi, with healers, doctors or physicians.

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