NASA New Zodiac Signs: The reason why the horoscope always tell the wrong thing

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“What’s your sign?” This classic pick-up line is used by many men and women around the world even today and most people can probably answer what is their supposed astrological sign and corresponding characteristics. Apparently, according to NASA, 86 percent of the world’s population was born with a different astrological sign. So, basically, most of us have been looking at the wrong horoscopes.

NASA has announced the discovery of a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, one that falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It means that anyone born between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17 is now paired up with the new sign.

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This latest news made everyone around the world perplexed about the NASA new zodiac signs. However, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in a lengthy post on Tumblr, said that they “didn’t change any zodiac signs,” they “just did the math.”

NASA has decided to update the astrological signs for the first time in 3,000 years. It made its update based on hard facts, pointing out that the Babylonians should be blamed for leaving out Ophiuchus entirely.

“To make a tidy match with their 12-month calendar, the Babylonians ignored the fact that the sun actually moves through 13 constellations, not 12. Then they assigned each of those 12 constellations equal amounts of time,” NASA wrote.

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Basically, ancient astrologers decided to ditch this particular constellation at the time in order for the 12 other signs to divide equally around the sun. Ophiuchus’s elimination was also done mainly so that the signs would be even to each month.

Also, the reason for this radical change is that the stars today are extremely different to how it was thousand of years ago and because the Earth’s axis no longer points in the same direction, our astrological signs are about a month out. Given, a new zodiac chart has been introduced.

2016 Zodiac Chart

  • Capricorn: Jan. 20 to Feb. 16
  • Aquarius: Feb. 16 to March 11
  • Pisces: March 11 to April 18
  • Aries: April 18 to May 13
  • Taurus: May 13 to June 21
  • Gemini: June 21 to July 20
  • Cancer: July 20 to Aug. 10
  • Leo: Aug. 10 to Sept. 16
  • Virgo: Sept. 16 to Oct. 30
  • Libra: Oct. 30 to Nov. 23
  • Scorpio: Nov. 23 to Nov. 29
  • Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 to Dec. 17
  • Sagittarius: Dec. 17 to Jan. 20

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