Nicole Kidman flirts with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

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nicole kidman in Cannes 2013
Photo Courtesy: Georges Biard

Nicole Kidman said Jimmy Fallon had turned her down twice in the past.

Her husband Keith Urban stepped up on the stage and joined the conversation.

Nicole Kidman in her 2015 interview with Jimmy Fallon recounts her first date with the TV host. The actress admitted  that she had been interested in the TV host in the past. A mutual friend of the two set them for a meet-up. Nicole Kidman said Jimmy Fallon’s disinterest in her was so palpable she even thought Fallon was gay. The interview was said to be the most awkward as Fallon kept on blushing throughout the show.

Now Nicole Kidman returns to The Tonight Show for the second time. And  E! Online has the details of the conversation.

“I’m glad that you’re here,” host Jimmy Fallon said, “and I’m glad you came back ‘cause last time…”

“I so didn’t want to come back,” Kidman cut him off.

“The past is the past, so let’s leave it that way,” Fallon said, trying to steer the conversation away from what happened last time. The actress also emphasized the sole reason she was on the show. And it is to promote her movie ‘Lion’.

The conversation went on with Fallon making sure romantic lights and sweet songs were in the background as Kidman revealed a shocking story.

“We were at David Finch’s house, I think it was David’s house, and it was when Brad and Jen were still together, so it was a long time ago,” explained Kidman. The actress then admits she was waiting for Fallon to approach her, but it didn’t happen.

“And you could’ve asked for my number then ‘cause it was round two… and you still didn’t ask for it, and you know that’s true. So do not pretend!”

She later added: “It’s even more offensive that you don’t remember.”

Keith Urban, Kidman’s husband was later on invited to join the stage.

“Would you ever invite me over to the house?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah, I feel quite safe because you have no problem ignoring my wife in the kitchen,” joked Urban.

Back in 2002 when Jimmy Fallon made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres, the TV host admitted that dating Nicole Kidman, who had been named ‘the most beautiful woman’, was beyond his understanding.

Nicole Kidman was married to singer Keith Urban. She has an adopted son and daughter with ex-husband  Tom Cruise as well as two biological daughters with Urban. Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, was married to film producer Nacy Juvonen and they have two kids together.

Video Courtesy: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

Photo Courtesy: Georges Biard /Wikimedia


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