Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban not renewing wedding vows; Is the couple divorcing?

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News about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban heading for divorce are doing the rounds for days now. And according to the latest rumors, the couple will not be renewing their wedding vows this year. So, is everything okay between the golden couple? Or Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are actually going for divorce?

The Inquisitr reports that everything is okay between the couple. There is no trouble brewing in the paradise of Nicole and Keith.The couple, in fact, has consciously decided not to renew their wedding vows this year. The couple who will be celebrating their 10th-anniversary is still very much in love.

Kidman says that they do everything together as a couple. She even revealed that the Louis Vuitton dress she wore to Tribeca Film Festival was chosen by Urban. However, as far as their wedding vows are concerned, they don’t really feel the need of it.

“We don’t need to. The vows are strong, we keep them,” said Kidman“They’re daily in the sense of action, as opposed to being recited,” added Urban. “I like to think of showing those on a daily basis.”


Their love was very much clear at the recent Tribeca Film Festival. The couple has seen kissing and holding hands throughout and were giggling like kids.

The couple often has to live in separate countries due to work commitments, but the couple makes it a point to visit one another to spend time. So, what is the secret ingredient to their happy marriage?

The 48-year-old actress says that everything they do for one another is not due to obligation or mistrust, but because they want to see each other and can’t live without one another.

Nicole Kidman is currently on a Hollywood break. She is busy doing theater. Her latest play, Photograph 51 has been well-received by audiences and critics alike.

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