The Night Of Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers, Predictions: Naz chooses between freedom and Chandra; Det. Box helps in Naz’s case

The Night Of
The Night Of

The Night Of season finale will finally reveal whether Naz is guilty or not for murdering Andrea Cornish. As the ending draws nears, theories continue to surface on the web regarding what will happen in the trial.

As shown in The Night Of season 1 episode 7, Naz’s case became more complicated after the pathologist revealed that Naz’s hand was traced in the knife used in killing Andrea. Now that they are in the defense phase, Naz’s mother lost hope and felt that his son really did the crime.

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Also, the last episode featured the romance between Chandra and Naz. The simple lawyer-client relationship turned into something intimate between the two characters. As Chandra and John Stone continue their mission to prove Naz’s innocence, there are speculations that Naz’s verdict could arrive at something unexpected.


Spoiler TV posted the synopsis of The Night Of season finale entitled “The Call of the Wild”:

“A controversy surrounding the defense puts Stone (John Turturro) in the spotlight as Naz’s (Riz Ahmed) trial reaches its climax.”

According to GeneralPsi, a Redditor, John Stone’s words for Naz in the trailer could mean that Naz will be facing a decision where he can win the case but ruin Chandra’s career and their relationship.

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In the kissing scene, it was noticed that the camera was also switching to the security. GeneralPsi speculated that it has something to do with how will the trial goes. If the theory will become a reality, Naz will be facing a hard decision between his freedom and Chandra.

However, there are other possibilities that could happen in the season finale. Knowing that Detective Box could possibly change his statement, it might help prove Naz’s innocence. The Night Of season finale will also hint if there will be a continuation or not.

The Night Of season 1 episode 8 will air on Sunday, August 28, 2016, on HBO.

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