The Night Of Season 1 Episode 7, 8 Spoilers and Predictions: Naz’s verdict and the truth behind Andrea’s death

The Night Of
The Night Of

The Night Of season finale is expected to reveal whether Nasir “Naz” Khan is guilty or not for murdering Andrea Cornish. The next episode entitled “The Call of the Wild” will be the longest episode of the season and could run for an hour and forty-five minutes.

The Night Of season 1 episode 7 featured the start of the trial of Naz in the defense phase. The drama in the last episode continued as Naz’s mother, Safar, already lost hope with the case of her son. The pathologist revealed that Naz’s hand was traced in the knife used in Andrea’s murder case.

So far, lots of frustration is currently surrounding the Khans. Salim and Safar were forced to take menial jobs to support Naz’s case. Now that it was proven that Naz’s held the knife, it may strengthen the belief that he is the real killer.

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However, Detective Box shared different perception. During the trial, Chandra questioned Box’s action when the incident happens. Chandra speculated that Box removed the inhaler from the crime scene to convince that Naz really killed Andrea.

At first, Box was convinced that Naz is the real killer. However, as the investigation continues, the jury inside his mind tells him that Naz is innocent. If this mindset remains, there is a possibility that Detective Box could play a major role to prove Naz’s innocence.

Meanwhile, John Stone continues to investigate if Don has something to do with Andrea’s death. Stone learned that Andrea had a dispute with his stepfather, Don, regarding the portion of her mother’s wealth. Stone became intrigued when he knew about Don’s history – a violent man who siphon wealth from much older women.

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The Night Of season 1 episode 7 also featured the romance between Chandra and Naz. Though both of them showed trust to each other, it seems like the intimacy is beyond a client-lawyer relationship.

The Night Of season 1 episode 8 is expected to reveal whether Naz’s is guilty or not. Though innocence is still hard to prove, the next episode will surely reveal the truth behind Andrea’s death.

The Night Of season 1 episode 8 will air on Sunday, August 28, 2016, on HBO.

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