Ohio Shooting update: Crime was pre-planned and drug related?

Eight members of the Rhoden family were brutally killed and investigators are still trying to establish the motive and identities of the suspects.

Authorities stated that the motives connected to the Ohio shooting that left eight people dead are still unclear. However they described the crime as pre-planned and rumors are swirling that it could be drug related as well.

Eight members of the Rhoden family were presumed brutally executed Thursday night in what could be called as the biggest mass execution in Piketon Village history. Piketon is located in Pike County, Ohio. Authorities revealed that among the Rhoden’s that were gunned down were identified as Christopher Rhoden Sr. (40); Christopher Rhoden Jr. (16); Kenneth Rhoden (44); Gary Rhoden (38); Dana Rhoden (37); Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden (20); Hannah Gilley (20); and Hanna Rhoden (19).

Investigators are facing a blank wall and are trying to establish possible motives connected to the crime as they have interviewed 50 to 100 people for information. A Cincinnati-based restaurant owner, Jeff Ruby, has offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Saturday as reported by CNN.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader also cautioned remaining family members and relatives of the Rhoden clan to be on alert as they might also be target as well by still unidentified suspect or suspects from the Ohio shooting.

“We have a specific family that’s been targeted but I don’t think there’s been a threat to any other members of the community. I’ve given the family precautionary measures to make. They know we’re available,” Readers said.

According to Attorney General Mike DeWine, the crime was “pre-planned” and a “sophisticated operation” as all of the victims succumbed gunshot wounds in the head. He stated in a press conference that the state’s crime lab is looking at 18 pieces of evidences and as follow up operations heightens five search warrants have been executed, as reported by AP.

Authorities found marijuana-growing operations at three of the four locations of the shootings, but they would not elaborate if it had any connections with the crime, thus raising suspicions that it could also be drug related.

Investigators from the crime lab of the Ohio shooting have finished collecting evidences from the four crime scenes and are not processing them to give them also any possible lead that could help in solving the incident. The crime scene has been restricted for the public and family members as investigators want to preserve the scene if they would try to come back and gather further more.

As the investigation continues, an outpour of support and condolences were sent to the surviving family members as the close-knit community has been devastated by the incident. Many of whom remembered the Rhodens as a kind, easy to approach and helpful family who easily blends with the community.

“If you were having a bad day, she’d be the first one to come up to you to question you about what was going on. She was amazing,” Kendra Jordan said of Hanna Rhoden, whom she works with at a nursing home.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich in an interview with CBS hopes that “justice will be delivered to them” and called the slayings “a horrible set of murders.”

Other netizens are calling on the National Rifle Association (NRA) to act for stricter measures on responsible gun ownership after the latest Ohio shooting incident.

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