One Piece Chapter 831, 832 Spoilers and Predictions: Strawhat Pirates in big trouble, tricked by the ‘Seducing Woods’; Brook, Pedro heading to steal the Road Poneglyph

One Piece Chapter 831 titled ‘Adventure in a Mysterious Forest’ showed the Straw Pirates penetrating the South Western Coast of Whole Cake Island. The pirates decided to divide into two groups; Brook and Pedro head to steal the Road Poneglyph while Luffy and the others will find Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 831 started with the Straw Hat Pirates landing in Big Mom’s main territory. Brook and Pedro used the ‘Shark Submerge III’ as their transportation heading to the location of the Road Poneglyph. Brook was confident that they can snatch a copy of the Road Poneglyph using his ability.

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Brook ate the ‘Yomi Yomi no Mi’ enabling him to use several soul-based abilities. Carrot was surprised seeing the musician being separated from his body. Before they leave, Pedro reminded Luffy and the others about the message left for them by Pekoms.

When they stepped on the South Western Coast of Whole Cake Island, Luffy saw Pudding and Sanji but they disappeared in an instant. Nami asked Luffy if he really saw them and he said yes. Luffy re-enacted what he saw and Sanji reappeared. The Straw Hat Pirates thought that the cook was playing hide-and-seek with them so they tried to chase him.

Nami seemed to be uncomfortable with the strange things that happened and he warned the others about it. Her suspicion was strengthened when a huge crocodile was about to eat them while they were on a bridge. To their surprise, the monster, who has the ability to talk, walked away and said that he was not interested in eating humans.

The incident made them lose the direct path back to the starting point. Nami told them what she felt and pointed out that they should follow what Pudding said to them. Another strange thing happened when a copy of Luffy appeared. Chopper, Carrot and Nami were confused because they cannot identify the real one.

Sanji appeared for the third time. They tried to chase him and were surprised when they saw a huge man buried alive. This strengthens the suspicion that the Straw Hat Pirates will be trapped inside Big Mom’s territory.

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However, it is strange that Chopper cannot identify if it is the real Sanji or not. Recalling in the past episodes, Chopper is a character who can easily find a person using their scent. Is his sense of smell affected by the sweets surrounding the Island?

The last part of One Piece Chapter 831 showed the ‘Seducing Woods’ which seemed to have a bad intention with the Straw Hat Pirates. The strange things that happened in the recent chapter could have a direct connection with Big Mom’s devil fruit ability. There were previous speculations that her power can control mother nature or give nonliving things a life.

One Piece Chapter 832 is expected to show some actions as the Straw Hat Pirates are threatened to be trapped by the ‘Seducing Woods’. There is a possibility that there is also a danger waiting on Brook and Pedro’s way. Big Mom must have planned everything, even before the Straw Hat Pirates landed on her territory.

One Piece Chapter 832 will be released on Thursday, July 7, 2016.

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