One Piece Chapter 831 Spoilers, Release Date, Predictions: Big Mom traps Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper cries wishing Zoro’s presence

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers were recently leaked revealing exact parts of the manga chapter. According to a blogger and fan, the chapter was titled “Declaration.”

A Japanese blogger and One Piece fan published a recent post about chapter 831 spoilers with the exact lines and scenes were mentioned. As predicted, Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates went back to Big Mom’s territory to search for Sanji.

In One Piece Chapter 830, Pedro advised Luffy to steal Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph to aid him and his pirates crew to search for the lost comrade, Sanji. Determined to look for his friend, Luffy decided to go back to the enemy’s home.

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One Piece-Naruto cited that in One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, Big Mom has already pre-planned the trap for Straw Hat Pirates. Pedro already noticed it when they arrive. At that time, Luffy kept on shouting Sanji’s name.

Nami along with her comrades in the ship warned Luffy to keep in mind that Big Mom might have a lot of pirates in place to surround them. By then, everyone were cautious of the traps around.

“This is Big Mom’s home territory, rush immediately for reinforcements,” Pedro said. Luffy felt impatient and tired with Big Mom and Sanji’s hide-and-seek schemes. “I can’t find Sanji if he kept hidden by this [trap]. The enemy has to fight with us … in front of us,” Luffy stated.

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Chopper, on the other hand, felt desperate in search for another lost Straw Hat Pirates comrade Zoro. In the chapter, the same source cited that Chopper was already crying.

Carrot was also on the ship. It is one of the Warrior Beast Tribe and a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad in One Piece manga. Based from various sources, it has been following Luffy until Cake Island arrival to have fun.

In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, the character ended “Declaration” with activating an electro to prepare for the nearing war while Pedro pulled out his sword in silence.

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