One Piece Chapter 832 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Jinbe lends a hand to Straw Hat Pirates against Big Mom, Pudding runs away from wedding

One Piece Chapter 832 release features Luffy trapped in Seducing Woods
One Piece Chapter 832 release will be tomorrow. Theories about Straw Hat’s struggle in Seducing Woods, Pedro & Brook’s quest, Jinbe’s survival unveiled.

Tomorrow is a big day for all Luffy’s fans. One Piece Chapter 832 release date is already scheduled on Thursday. What could the fans expect in the next chapter?

Various sources mentioned about Jinbe’s survival from Big Mom’s hands. Although she kept herself busy with Sanji and Pudding’s wedding, she was able to manage trapping the Straw Hat Pirates in Cake Island and in Seducing Woods.

In the previous chapters, it is noticeable she set everything up to free the wedding from unnecessary halts. Perhaps, that’s what she thought about trapping Monkey D. Luffy and the entire Straw Hat Pirates.

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According to Hof Mag, a leaked information about the details of the wedding was unveiled. The source reported flower girls and ring bearer aligned themselves and began walking in the aisle.

The guests waited for half an hour for Pudding’s arrival. Yet, during that time, Pudding ran away. The reason behind her decision to quit the wedding was not stated. Sanji, on the other hand, realized his chance to be with his Straw Hat Pirates comrades. In fact, he already missed them.

The situation itself didn’t prevent Big Mom to pursue the plan. While she trapped the troop in the island, she also created Sanji’s impostor to fool Luffy’s troops. The Seducing Woods were made to lure the pirate crew and distract them from searching Sanji.

Their survival will be known in One Piece Chapter 832 release whether or not they’re able to get out from the island. The chapter itself might dwell on Pedro and Brook’s quest on searching for Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph while risking their lives. Pekoms might help during the search.

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Brook relied to the power of his devil fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi to steal the ancient stone, Yibada noted. This life-threatening quest might be the end of his life based from the revealed spoilers. In One Piece Chapter 832, he’ll die due to severe damage on his body after using the stone.

Monkey D. Luffy consequently lost a comrade while on search for Sanji. Jinbe will lend a hand for his troop but the question is, will he able to help Pedro and Brook to steal Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph? Or aid Luffy to save Sanji and safely return to the sea with Straw Hat Pirates?

These speculations and predictions will be confirmed after One Piece Chapter 832 release in July 14, Thursday.

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