One Piece Chapter 832 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Straw Hat Pirates trapped in Big Mom’s territory, Cake Island, Seducing Woods; Brook, Pedro in great danger

One Piece Chapter 832 release date ft Straw Hat Pirates in Cake Island
One Piece chapter 832 release date will be this week with huge spoilers, predictions on Luffy and entire Straw Hat Pirates fate in Big Mom’s Cake Island.

One Piece Chapter 832 release date is scheduled this week with huge anticipation on how Monkey D. Luffy and his entire Straw Hat Pirates crew survive the mystery of the Cake Island especially the Seducing Woods.

In the previous chapters, Pedro advised Luffy, the captain of Straw Hat Pirates to go back to Big Mom’s territory and steal her Road Poneglyph. He explained that that will aid his search for their lost comrade Sanji. To get that, they needed to return. Afterwards, they arrived in one of Big Mom’s territory, the whole Cake Island.

When they arrived in chapter 831, Luffy shouted Sanji’s name several times since Pudding already made a promise he will bring him in the shore. However, they were surprised with the mystery behind the island. Pedro along with Brook warned everyone to be cautious with possible danger.

While they are looking around the Cake Island, many of them were enticed with the sweets. However, several creatures appeared including the big monster buried on the ground as well as Sanji’s ghost and Luffy’s doppelganger. Sanji kept on disappearing.

Luffy kept asking why he hide as if he teased everyone to play games. Later on, they realized this is not the real Sanji because he’s not the type of person who hides and runs away from his comrades if he saw them.

Chapter 831 ended with the entire crew facing the Seducing Woods located within the Cake Island. The woods seemed to have a bad intention to the characters.

Consequently,  One Piece Chapter 832 predictions will reveal answers to the whole island’s mystery and crew’s survival in Seducing Woods.

According to our previous report, we mentioned about the entire Straw Hat Pirates trapped in Seducing Woods where the possible danger awaited for Brook and Pedro. Big Mom has already planned everything even before Monkey D. Luffy and his ship crew arrived in her territory.

One Piece Chapter 832 release date will be on Thursday, July 7.

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