One Piece Chapter 832 Spoilers, Release Date and Predictions: Brook, Pedro meets one-armed Jinbe, finds the Real Sanji; Luffy’s group to be trapped by Seducing Woods

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

One Piece Chapter 832 is expected to revolve around the group of Luffy, who is currently chasing the fake Sanji and threaten to be trapped by the ‘Seducing Woods’, and with Pedro and Brook, who are on their way to steal the Road Poneglyph.

When they landed on the Whole Cake Island, Luffy noticed Sanji. However, he disappeared in an instant. The others noticed Sanji too, and Nami felt something weird. She might already feel that the Sanji they were chasing is a fake one. How to be sure that he is really fake?

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Every time Sanji sees either Nami or Robin, he always shouts “Naammiii, swaaaannn!” or “Roobbiinn, swaaannn!” which he did not do and run away instead. Recalling in the past chapters, Lady Pudding revealed that Sanji said to her how he wanted to be back with his friends. It was the first time that Sanji say no to a woman.

The ending of One Piece Chapter 831 showed the Straw Hat Pirates about to encounter the ‘Seducing Woods’. From the name itself, it tells something about a thing that every member of the Straw Hat Pirates cannot resist. The ‘Seducing Woods’ might have the ability to create hallucinations to easily capture the Strawhats.

Meanwhile, Pedro and Brook headed to steal the Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph. Brook used the power of his devil fruit, Yomi Yomi no Mi, as a strategy to easily steal the ancient stone. However, there are risks in using this ability since once his body is sufficiently damaged, he is dead.

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On their way to their mission, there are speculations that they might meet the former Warlord, Jinbe. Recalling in the past chapter, Jinbe talked to Big Mom to quit from being her crew. Charlotte Linlin will only agree to one crazy condition. There is a possibility that Jinbe sacrificed an arm in order for Big Mom to agree.

Brook might ask either Jinbe or Pedro to guard his body while he heads to the location of the Road Poneglyph. Since it is located in Big Mom’s lair, there is a possibility that Brook will see Sanji there.

One Piece Chapter 832 is expected to be released on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

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