One Piece Chapter 833, 834 Spoilers, Predictions: Lady Pudding gives Sanji the key to his collar; Big Mom declares war against Vinsmoke family

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

One Piece chapter 833 is the fight between Sanji and his father, Jajji Vinsmoke. The chapter revealed why ‘Black Leg’ hated his family and the Vinsmoke’s real intention behind the marriage.

One Piece chapter 833 started with the duel between Sanji and Jajji. The Germa 66 soldiers were surprised with Sanji, even his father. They did not think that someone like him will be so strong. Yonji was pissed that he was badly beaten by his brother.

The doctor needed to use a press machine to bring back his face to its normal shape. Until now, Sanji does not agree with the idea of marrying Big Mom’s daughter, Lady Pudding. While fighting his father, the Strawhat’s cook reminisced his younger year’s with the Vinsmoke family.

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Sanji was bullied by his siblings when they were young because of his weakness and kindness. At a young age, he already knew how to cook food and feed people who were starving. Recalling when he was still in the Baratie, a floating restaurant, he gave food to a starving man for free.

Sanji was never accepted by his siblings, even his own father. This might be the reason why he chose to leave them and go somewhere else. He revealed that his reason on why he came home is to protect his crew. Jajji said that his real intention for the marriage is to rule the ‘North Blue’ once again.

One Piece chapter 833 revealed why Sanji is very protective of his hands and only using his legs in fighting. His hands’ safety is very important since he uses it every time he cooks food. Sanji threatened to leave after the team party but his sister, Reiju, put a collar on his hand.

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This collar is the same with the one worn by the Celestial Dragon’s slaves, which can explode if someone pushes the button of the controller. Jajji revealed that the control device is held by Big Mom. This may force Sanji to marry Lady Pudding, or else, his hands will be completely damaged.

However, there is still a possibility that Sanji will find a way to get rid of the collar. Lady Pudding may help him to find the control device and escape. One Piece Chapter 834 is expected to feature the near wedding of Lady Pudding and Sanji.

Once the wedding is canceled, Big Mom will surely be mad at Vinsmoke family and declare a war on them. if this happens, the war will surely be between the Strawhat Pirates, Germa 66 and Big Mom Pirates.

Luffy and his crew were in trouble in the ‘Seducing Woods’ and currently engaged with Big Mom’s daughter and one of her crew. Once they defeat the enemy, they will surely head toward Big Mom’s location to find Sanji.

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