One Piece Chapter 833 Spoilers, Predictions: Jajji defeats Sanji, forces his son to marry Pudding; Nami vs Charlotte Brûlée

One Piece Chapter 833 is expected to show the fight between Sanji and his father Jajji Vinsmoke. It will also reveal the fate of Luffy and his crew in the hands of the 8th daughter of Big Mom, Charlotte Brûlée.

As shown in One Piece Chapter 832, Luffy and his crew were tricked by the Seducing Woods preventing them from going back to the ship. While on their way, they saw Luffy fighting the fake one. They thought that the one that was with them was real Luffy but it was Brûlée.

When Luffy was about to warn them, someone covered his mouth and it is unclear what happened to him next. Nami, Carrot, and Chopper realized that they were not going anywhere. They noticed that everything around them was moving.

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Charlotte Brûlée appeared and it seemed like her main targets were Nami and Carrot because she hates women with a flawless face. Since Luffy is not around or maybe captured, Nami, Carrot, and Chopper will be forced to fight the enemy. Another Big Mom’s crew appeared before they met Brûlée, ‘Crane Rider’ Randolph. It seems like the fight will be Nami vs. Brûlée and Carrot vs. Randolph.

Meanwhile, in the Germa Kingdom, Sanji finally met his father Jajji Vinsmoke, the commander of Germa 66. His father asked what he did to Yonji, but Sanji refused to give an explanation. Jajji challenged Sanji to a fistfight, a family reunion the Vinsmoke way.

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If the fight between Sanji and Jajji will really be a fistfight, it is obvious that Jajji has the advantage since Sanji uses his legs in fighting. One Piece Chapter 833 will reveal the real power of the Germa 66 commander. The Vinsmoke main goal is to take control of the Northern Seas once again.

However, their plan is about to be ruined since Sanji has no plan in marrying Big Mom’s daughter. If that happens the Vinsmoke and the Charlotte family will surely have a dispute that will lead to a war. There is a possibility that the Straw Hat Pirates will find another ally to take down one of the four Yonkous.

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