One Piece Chapter 835, 836 Spoilers, Predictions: Luffy defeats Cracker and Brulee?; Jinbe saves Pekoms from the sharks

One Piece Manga release changed to monthly due to Eiichiro Oda health issue
One Piece manga release might pursue on monthly serlialization than weekly. Speculations hinted on Eiichiro Oda’s health-related issues according to fans.

One Piece Chapter 835 entitled “The Nation of Souls” gave some revelations about the Whole Cake Island and the devil fruit power of the lady Yonkou, Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 835 started with all the citizens of Chocolatown lining up for a tradition happening every six months. Every one of them will be needing to choose between ‘leave or life’. The choice ‘leave’ obviously means that a citizen needs to evacuate the place if he does not want to participate in this tradition.

If someone chooses ‘life’, then a portion of their life (soul) will be taken away from them in order to scatter all over the Whole Cake Island. The giant buried guy explained to Luffy and Nami everything, including Big Mom’s devil fruit power – Soul-Soul fruit. But, before this, Nami, Carrot, and Chopper were battling against Big Mom’s daughter, Charlotte Brulee.

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Brulee ate the Mirror-Mirror fruit that caused all the hallucinations inside the Seducing Wood. Nami was caught by the enemy but luckily escaped with the help of ‘Clima-Tact’. Carrot tried to attack Brulee but was unable to land because of the enemy’s power.

When Carrot decided to attack for the second time, she was trapped inside Brulee’s mirror. The enemy ordered his underlings to chase and attack the Strawhats. Chopper decided to handle the enemy by himself and let Nami escape to ask for help.

Luffy finally identifies who the real Nami was. The giant buried guy revealed that he was Charlotte Linlin’s ex-husband and was dumped after he gave her two daughters, Lola and Chiffon. He told everything to Luffy and Nami but one of Big Mom’s son, Charlotte Cracker, interfered.

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He warned the giant buried guy about giving information to the Strawhat Pirates. One Piece Chapter 835 showed that Luffy and his crew were in big trouble since Big Mom knew everything about them from the time they landed inside her territory.

One Piece Chapter 836 is expected to show how the Strawhat Pirates will manage to escape from Big Mom’s crew. Also, there are speculations that the next chapter will show how Pekoms will survive after being shot by Capone Bege. Will Jinbei come to save him?

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