One Piece Chapter 835 Spoilers: Big Mom’s ex-husband reveals Charlotte Linlin’s devil fruit power

One Piece Manga release changed to monthly due to Eiichiro Oda health issue
One Piece manga release might pursue on monthly serlialization than weekly. Speculations hinted on Eiichiro Oda’s health-related issues according to fans.

One Piece Chapter 835 is expected to reveal the devil fruit power of the lady Yonkou, Big Mom. This would answer the question on why some natural resources and nonliving things on Whole Cake Island seemed to have their own life.

Oro Jackson released the chapter summary for One Piece Chapter 835. In Totland- Chocolatown, the citizens are asked a certain question every six months. Charlotte Linlin’s underlings roamed all over the town to ask a selected citizen: “Leave or life?”.

If a citizen chooses “leave”, this will obviously lead them to be thrown out immediately from Whole Cake Island. Big Mom made the citizens believe that she is planning to make her territory a paradise for them. However, behind this belief, the lady Yonkou is hiding a selfish plan.

If a citizen chooses “life”, the shadow will pull out the soul from his/her body. Oro Jackson did not clarify whether the body of the owner will die but the soul will definitely occupy something. This could strengthen the suspicion that everything in Big Mom’s territory seemed to have its own life.

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Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot are currently trapped in the Seducing Woods. Luffy was separated from his friends, who were engaging with Charlotte Brulee and one of Big Mom’s crews. One Piece Chapter 835 revealed that Charlotte Brulee has the power of the Mira-Mira fruit.

Charlotte Brulee calls herself a “Mirror Human” because of her ability to deflect every attack of her enemy. Carrot jumped toward Brulee and was trapped inside the mirror. Brulee told the Strawhats that Big Mom already knew everything about them from the time they landed on her territory.

Charlotte Brulee was surprised to see Chopper’s ability. She said that Big Mom will be happy to add him to her “Collection of Bizarre Beasts”. Luffy managed to find the real Nami. The lady navigator told him everything that happened to them.

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Luffy asked the giant buried guy why the trees are moving. He revealed to them that all of those strange things were made by Big Mom. The giant buried guy said that Big Mom has eaten the Soul-Soul fruit. This devil fruit has the ability to arrange people’s souls.

Big Mom transferred every soul she gets from the citizens to anything she wants. The giant buried guys also revealed that he is one of the husbands of Big Mom. After having two daughters from him, he was thrown out.

Cracker, the 10th son of Big Mom, cut their conversation and pulled out the giant. The giant plead to Cracker to let him meet her daughter Chiffon. Also, he wants to know about what happened to Lola. After Lola’s name, Nami was surprised to hear the name since she is their friend.

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