One Piece Chapter 836 Spoilers: Lola and the Strawhat Pirates’ fate

One Piece Wikia Lola
One Piece Wikia Lola

One Piece Chapter 836 is yet to be released but theories about what will happen next continue to surface the web. The revelation of Lola’s parents in the last chapter creates various speculations regarding the Strawhat Pirates’ fate.

One Piece Chapter 835 showed the Strawhat Pirates currently battling against Charlotte Brulee and Charlotte Linlin. In the middle of this, the giant buried guy revealed that he was one of the husbands of Big Mom. He has two daughters with Charlotte Linlin namely Chiffon and Lola.

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Nami was shocked when she heard the name, Lola. Recalling in the ‘Thriller Bark Arc’, Nami and Lola formed a sisterly bond and became very close to each other. Once his father knew about this, he will surely help the Strawhat Pirates escape from the Seducing Woods.

If the opposite things happen and the Strawhat Pirates were captured, Lola’s connection to them could play a major role. Lola gave Nami a Vivre card before they parted ways in the ‘Thriller Bark Arc’. She told them to use it to find her ‘Mama’ whenever they encountered a problem in the ‘New World’.

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Before the parents of Lola was revealed, Sanji met Chiffon and remembered Lola in her. There are speculations that Lola is Big Mom’s favorite daughter. Once the Strawhat Pirates are captured, Nami can use the Vivre card gave by Lola to negotiate with Big Mom.

Luffy and his crew saved Lola’s soul from Gecko Moria. If Big Mom knew about this, she might change her mind to fight the Strawhat Pirates. However, the war between the lady Yonkou and Luffy seems to be inevitable.

Everyone knows that the Strawhat Pirates’ main goal in the ‘Whole Cake Island’ is to get back their cook, Sanji. Big Mom will not permit this move since it will ruin her plan to strengthen her army. Also, the treasures from ‘Fish Man Island’ contained explosives.

Another thing that may happen in One Piece Chapter 836 is the revelation of how Big Mom knew everything about the Strawhat Pirates. The Vivre card that Lola gave to Nami was Big Mom’s. Therefore, there is a possibility that Big Mom can also track the location of anyone who is holding the paper.

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