One Piece Chapter 837, 838 Review, Spoilers: After Cracker, Luffy beats Brulee next to free Carrot and Chopper

One Piece Manga release changed to monthly due to Eiichiro Oda health issue
One Piece manga release might pursue on monthly serlialization than weekly. Speculations hinted on Eiichiro Oda’s health-related issues according to fans.

One Piece Chapter 837 entitled “Luffy vs. Commander Cracker” featured the Strawhat Pirates engaging in a fight against the underlings of Charlotte Linlin. It showed the intense battle between Luffy and Charlotte Cracker.

One Piece Chapter 837 started with the battle between Charlotte Cracker and Luffy. Cracker, the Biscuit Knight, introduced his weapon named ‘Pretzel’, which is considered as one of the best swords in the world.

Nami asked Luffy to run away, but the captain didn’t back down. He tried to attack the enemy using Elephant Gun but it has no effect on Cracker’s shield and strong Haki. Luffy was badly beaten by the enemy’s ferocious attacks.

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Cracker didn’t mind, even if their underlings were hit by his attacks. While Nami and Pound were watching, Charlotte Brulee appeared and told them that members of the ‘Worst Generations’ appeared two years ago. Kid, Apoo, Bege, and Monk Urouge tried to invade Big Mom’s territory.

Unfortunately, all of them failed, unable to see Big Mom’s face. After realizing that he couldn’t beat the lady Yonkou, Capone Bege decided to become Linlin’s underling. Now, he is the husband of one of Big Mom’s daughters, Charlotte Chiffon.

Urouge, the mad monk, had managed to take down one of the four sweets commanders but was said to be killed by Cracker. However, it was proven that Urouge has survived and recovered in Sky Island.

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Charlotte Brulee tried to take Nami in the Mirror World. Luckily, the lady navigator was saved by Pound. Nami found an opening and used his Thunderbolt Tempo against Brulee. Nami finally showed Big Mom’s Vivre card and Linlin’s underlings trembled in fear.

With this, it was proven that Big Mom is the real mother of Lola. Using the Vivre card, the Strawhat Pirates can now escape into the Seducing Woods safely.

Meanwhile, the battle between Luffy and Cracker continued. Cracker said some insulting words to Luffy about his crewmate, Sanji.

Cracker: If you think Sanji as one of your crewmates, leave him as he is. Sanji is a prince of a strong nation. His status is far superior to you. He will live here with his proud wife.
I’m sure Sanji will tell you.”Go home, you filthy low-grade pirates!”

Cracker’s words angered Luffy. The Strawhat Pirates captain used Gear 4th and attacked the enemy using Kong Gun. The attack was very effective that Big Mom’s executive lost consciousness.

One Piece Chapter 837 gives hints that the Strawhat Pirates could escape into the Seducing Woods. Now that Luffy finally defeated Cracker, Nami can use Big Mom’s Vivre card so that her underlings won’t bother them anymore.

One Piece Chapter 838 is expected to show how can Carrot and Chopper will be freed from Brulee’s Mirror World. Once she sees Big Mom’s Vivre card, there is a possibility that Brulee will willingly let Carrot and Chopper escape.

However, there is still a possibility that the next chapter will be focusing on Brook, Pedro, Jinbe, and Pedro, who are also in Big Mom’s territory.

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