One Piece Chapter 840 ‘Iron Mask’ Spoilers: Judge a famous scientist like Vegapunk, turned his sons into ‘Cyborg’; Reiju the only ally of Sanji

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One Piece chapter 840 entitled “Iron Mask” will be featuring the Germa 66, Vinsmoke family and Sanji’s past. Also, it is expected to reveal the difference between Sanji and his siblings.

Oro Jackson posted a quick summary of One Piece chapter 840. It appears that the upcoming episode will be a flashback of the Vinsmoke family including the Germa 66 and Sanji. The last chapter showed the factory of artificial humans inside the Germa Kingdom.

The Germa Kingdom is also known as the ‘Country of Science’. Judge and Dr. Vegapunk worked together as illegal researchers. As everyone knows, Vegapunk is currently the leading scientist in the marines, doing various researches and made numerous scientific achievements.

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It seems like the head of the Vinsmoke family and Dr. Vegapunk were close friends in the past. Vegapunk was arrested when he found a blueprint of life, which could possibly be known as DNA. The World Government hired him and his team to work for them.

Luckily, Judge has managed to escape and continued researching. He successfully created an artificial army, who are programmed not to betray their boss and do not fear death. All Germa soldiers were clones of some excellent soldiers.

This could be the reason why the Germa 66 succeeded to build one of the most formidable armies in the world. In the factory of artificial humans, Niji and Ichiji also came in. Sanji immediately attacked his brother after suspecting him for killing head chef Cossette.

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To Sanji’s surprise, his kick does not hurt Niji at all. By saying the word ‘Stealth’, Niji appeared from behind and hit Sanji with an electric attack. One Piece chapter 840 also featured a flashback of Sanji and his siblings.

Judge has given his sons ‘talent’ and wanted the to train hard. However, he noticed that Sanji was weak. The doctor explained that Sanji’s ‘exoskeleton’ was different from Niji, Ichiji, and Yonji and he’s a human. This made Judge disappointed and decided to put Sanji in prison with an iron mask.

One Piece chapter 840 revealed why Sanji hates his family too much. Sanji’s brother do not care about him but his sister Reiju is different. Is she an ally of Sanji?

Photo courtesy: One Piece Ex/Facebook

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