One Piece Chapter 840 Spoilers, Release Dates: Luffy defeats Cracker but in bad shape; Bropper escapes from the Mirror World

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One Piece
One Piece

The last chapter of One Piece merely focused on the Vinsmoke family and the near wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding. There are speculations that One Piece Chapter 840 will be back to the battle between Luffy and Charlotte Cracker.

With the ending of chapter 839, One Piece fans predicted that the next chapter will finally reveal the secret of Germa 66 and their artificial army. After seeing head chef Cossette dead, Sanji blamed the crime on his brother, Niji.

Yonji said that he will accompany Sanji to their brother’s location. However, they entered a familiar place where Sanji saw a factory of artificial humans. Despite this scenario, there are speculations that the next chapter will feature the outcome of the battle of Luffy and Crackers.

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Luffy is currently having a hard time fighting one of the sweet commanders after he revealed his true identity. According to is0dvil, a Redditor, Luffy will succeed to defeat Cracker. However, he also takes lots of damage, leaving him in bad shape.

Bropper (short for brother Chopper) has finally escaped from Brulee’s Mirror World and helped Luffy. Recalling in the past chapter, Chopper said that he already knew how they can move out and defeat Brulee.

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Also, Nami is holding Big Mom’s Vivre card that they can use to escape from the Seducing Woods. There are rumors circulating about what could happen in the succeeding chapters. According to the theory, the Strawhat Pirates will reunite with Sanji and go to the Wano Kingdom to reunite with their other friends.

This means that there will be no war that will happen between Big Mom and the Strawhat Pirates. As of now, everyone is waiting what will happen to the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding. The Strawhat Pirates will surely find a way to stop it and get their cook back.

One Piece Chapter 840 will be released on September 26, 2016.

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