One Piece Chapter 842, 843 Review, Spoilers: Eiichiro Oda taking a one week break; Luffy finally defeat Cracker with a new Gear 4th, fights Brulee next to save Chopper and Carrot

One Piece
One Piece

One Piece Chapter 842 entitled “The Power of Fullness” featured the climax of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Cracker as the Strawhat Pirates’ captain held the upper hand of the bout.

One Piece Chapter 842 showed the continuation of the fight between Luffy and Cracker. Luffy has managed to come up with a unique strategy to defeat the enemy. Cracker’s ability to create infinite biscuit shields has revealed its weakness with Nami starting to use his power to create an artificial rain.

This made the biscuit soldiers soft, enabling Luffy to devour them easily. Cracker commanded their allies in the Seducing Woods but they cannot attack Nami since she was holding Mama’s Vivre card. Cracker has no choice but to fight alone.

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Nami boasted that Cracker should not be overwhelmed being the right hand of one of the Yonkous since he is currently fighting the next pirate king. Also, the lady navigator lied that Luffy’s hunger is limitless, making the enemies tremble in fear.

Cracker attacked Luffy using his sword ‘Pretzel’. Luffy then used Gear 4th and surprisingly leveled up after his unstoppable eating of biscuits. Instead of being stabbed, Luffy absorbed ‘Pretzel’, together with Cracker, and send him flying using ‘Cannon’.

With how the fight goes, it seems like Luffy finally defeated one of the sweet commanders. Meanwhile, in Whole Cake Island, Chopper and Carrot continued to find their way out of Brulee’s Mirror World. They caused fear to every citizen of the Whole Cake Island after randomly appearing to mirrors.

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One Piece Chapter 842 also featured the near wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding. Recalling in the past chapter, Sanji was badly beaten by Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji. Reiju helped him cover his face with an artificial skin. His elder sister asked where did Sanji learn to be a gentleman.

This showed a flashback of Sanji being schooled by Owner Zeff about treating a woman. Of all the Vinsmoke men, only Sanji has a different attitude towards women. With the Vinsmoke heading to the Whole Cake Chateau, it remains questionable on how the Strawhat Pirates managed to get back their crew.

One Piece Chapter 843 will surely show the outcome of the battle between Luffy and Cracker. With Luffy predicted to win, there is a higher possibility that they will head to Big Mom’s headquarter to find Sanji. However, before that, Luffy and Nami should help Chopper and Carrot find their way out of Brulee’s mirrors world.

One Piece is taking a break next week.

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