One Piece Chapter 843 Release Date, Spoilers: Ichiji, Yonji, or Niji to wed Lady Pudding after Reiju helps Sanji escape

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One Piece Chapter 843 is expected to feature the outcome of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Cracker. After eating too much biscuit soldiers, Luffy’s Gear 4th has surprisingly improved and helped him defeat one of the sweet commanders.

Using ‘Cannon’, Luffy sent Cracker flying to a random location. There are speculations that the sweet commander will land to Big Mom’s HQ where preparations were made for the upcoming wedding. Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmoke family are already on their way to the Whole Cake Island. If the prediction is right, the wedding will be delayed and will give the Strawhat Pirates more time to get their cook back.

Reiju and Lady Pudding could possibly help Sanji escape and reunite with his friends again. This scenario will surely anger Big Mom, but something could possibly happen for the wedding to proceed. Ichiji, Yonji, or Niji could replace Sanji as Lady Pudding’s groom.

As revealed in the past chapters, the reason why Big Mom hardly pushed for the wedding is because she wanted to strengthen her military force. Judge also has his own personal interest why he is willing to sacrifice his son. One Piece Chapter 843 is also expected to feature how Carrot and Chopper will escape from Brulee’s Mirror World.

At some point, being trapped inside the enemy’s territory became an advantage for the Strawhat Pirates. In the Mirror World, Chopper and Carrot saw everything that is happening in the Whole Cake Island. They could use this in retrieving Sanji, escaping, and stealing the Road Poneglyph.

After beating Cracker, Luffy must be focused next on rescuing Carrot and Chopper. Nami continues to use Big Mom’s Vivre card to threaten the enemies in the Seducing Woods. Fans must be curious to see how will Charlotte Linlin react after she finds out that the Strawhat Pirates are friends with Lola.

One Piece Chapter 843 will be released this week.

Photo courtesy: One Piece Ex/Facebook

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