One Piece Chapter 843 Release Date, Spoilers: Carrot, Chopper reunite with Luffy and Nami after defeating Brulee; Vinsmokes insult Big Mom, Judge disciplines his sons

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One Piece
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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is taking a one week break that leads to the delay of the release of the next chapter. Luffy defeats Craker with his improved Gear 4th and he is expected to face Brulee next to help Chopper and Carrot escape from the Mirror World.

The last chapter of One Piece showed how Luffy took advantage of Cracker’s power. Nami created an artificial rain to soften the enemy’s biscuit soldiers. With this strategy, Luffy can easily devour all of the soldiers that Cracker made.

Cracker did not stop and said that Luffy’s body could not take more biscuits. He predicted that Luffy’s stomach will burst in no time. However, Nami boasted that his captain’s appetite has no limit and he can eat every biscuit soldier that Cracker will make.

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This changed Cracker’s strategy and attacked Luffy using his sword ‘Pretzel’. At first, the enemy thought that he succeeded to stab Luffy, but he felt something wrong. Instead of taking a damage, Luffy’s body absorbed Cracker and his sword and the captain revealed that his Gear 4th had improved.

Luffy sent Cracker flying using his ‘Cannon’ and there are speculations that he could be headed to Big Mom’s headquarter. After defeating one of the sweet commanders, Luffy is expected to face Charlotte Brulee to help their friends, Carrot and Chopper, escape from the Mirror World.

While wandering around the enemy’s territory, Carrot and Chopper have seen everything that is happening around the Whole Cake Island. The information they gathered will be vital in accomplishing their mission in stealing the Road Poneglyph and getting Sanji back.

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The last chapter of One Piece also featured the Vinsmoke family heading to the Whole Cake Island. Sanji had no choice but to obey his father or else Owner Zeff’s life will be in danger. Reiju is expected to help Sanji escape for the second time.

At their arrival at the Whole Cake Island, there are speculations that Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji will throw an insult after seeing Big Mom’s face. Judge will be needing to discipline his son to calm down the hot-headed Yonkou. Fans are expecting that Lady Pudding is an ally of the Strawhat Pirates.

On the wedding day, a surprising event could happen that will help Sanji return to his friends. One Piece Chapter 843 is expected to be released next week.

Photo courtesy: One Piece Ex/Facebook

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