One Piece Chapter 844 Spoilers: Luffy to Sanji – ‘Without you, I can’t become Pirate King!’

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One Piece Chapter 844 entitled “Luffy versus Sanji” will be featuring a one-sided battle between Sanji Vinsmoke and Monkey D. Luffy. Black Leg had no choice but to push away his friends away in order to avoid the consequences, he will face if he disobeys his father Judge.

Sandman of Oro Jackson posted a quick summary for One Piece Chapter 844. As expected, this will be a battle between Sanji and Luffy. Recalling in the last chapter, Luffy and Nami were very excited to see their cook but were surprised by his behavior. Instead of happily greeting his friends, Black Leg threw some insults and said that he is not interested in becoming a pirate anymore.

In their fight, Sanji coated his leg with fire, surprising the Germa 66. Without hesitation, he attacked Luffy and hit him in his face. However, the Strawhat Pirates captain still stands but shows no intention to attack. Luffy said that he won’t fight him and was reluctant to leave the place.

Nami tried to convince Sanji, but Luffy stopped her, saying that it is a duel between him and Black Leg. Sanji continuously attacked his captain until he was knocked down. When Sanji was about to leave, the lady navigator confronted her and gave him a slap.

Luffy left a word for Sanji before he finally leaves:

“Wait!! Do you really think you can get rid of me only by this!? You kicked me many times, but it is you whose feeling hurts,” Luffy said to Sanji who can’t help shedding tears. “Our journey is still on the way!! I’ll be waiting for you here!! If you don’t come, I will gladly starve to death! I eat only food cooked by you since you’re our cook! Be sure to come back! Sanji… Without you, I can’t become Pirate King!”

Seeing Sanji and his friends bid farewell, the Vinsmoke family laughs as they proceed to the location of the wedding. As everyone knows, Sanji needs to obey his father if he wants to keep his hands unscathed and save Owner Zeff’s life.

After hearing Luffy’s statement, Sanji will surely be in a big dilemma as his wedding with Lady Pudding goes near. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates will surely find a way to get their crew back. One Piece Chapter 844 is expected to be released this week.

Photo courtesy: One piece anime and manga/Facebook

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