One Piece Chapter 845, 846 Review, Spoilers: Akira Toriyama taking a one week break; Sanji agrees to marry Lady Pudding, bids farewell to the Strawhat Pirates

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One Piece Chapter 845 features Monkey D. Luffy single-handedly fighting Big Mom’s “enraged army” while waiting for the return of his friend Sanji, who is about to marry Lady Pudding soon. Is it really the end of the adventure of Black Leg as a Strawhat Pirate?

Luffy has decided to wait for Sanji no matter what happens and promised to eat only the food that his own cook prepares. As expected, Big Mom learned that one of her sweet commanders, Charlotte Cracker, was defeated by Luffy. Pound warned the Strawhat Pirates that Big Mom will send an enraged army, together with Prometheus and Zeus.

It was revealed in the past chapter of One Piece that Charlotte Linlin has the ability to control the weather. In the area where Luffy and Nami wait, a storm cloud is currently surrounding the place. King Baum said that it was Big Mom who sent those things to their location.

Meanwhile, the Vinsmoke family finally arrived at the Whole Cake Chateau. Big Mom and Lady Pudding were in the dining hall with Judge, Sanji, and his siblings. While eating, Pudding passed a note to Sanji, saying that she wanted to talk to him in private.

The future husband and wife decided to meet in Pudding’s room. She immediately asked for forgiveness for causing him trouble and for his mom’s cruel actions. Lady Pudding said that she promised to meet the Strawhat Pirates on the coast but she failed.

Sanji showed the ominous wristlets that Pudding was talking about. Also, Black Leg revealed that his friends and Owner Zeff will be in danger once he runs away from the wedding. He also removed the fake skin from his face and showed how he was treated by his siblings.

Lady Pudding cried and apologized for everything she had done to ruin Sanji’s future. Black Leg calmed her down and hugged her. Both of them agreed to proceed with the wedding tomorrow. Will Sanji finally turn his back to the Strawhat Pirates and start a new journey with Lady Pudding?

While they were having a conversation, Luffy bravely fights the enraged army sent by Big Mom to avenge Cracker. With the current situation, it seems like Sanji has no choice but to marry Lady Pudding and leave his friends. However, with Luffy and Nami’s life in danger, he might do something to save them from being completely killed by Big Mom’s crew.

In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, Sanji could ask Big Mom to spare his friends and let them leave the Whole Cake Island peacefully. With the wedding about to take place, there is a possibility that Big Mom will grant his future son-in-law’s request. Akira Toriyama is set to take a one week break, delaying the release of One Piece Chapter 846.

Photo courtesy: One piece anime and manga/Facebook

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