One Piece Chapter 846, 847 Recap, Spoilers: Big Mom pirates capture the Strawhats; Sanji begs for his friends’ lives

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One Piece
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One Piece Chapter 846 is titled “Egg Defense”. Luffy and Nami fought Big Mom’s “army of rage”. They were completely outnumbered but still managed to take down more than half of the enemies. However, in the end, they were still defeated. Will Big Mom stick to her words and spare the Strawhat Pirates?

One Piece Chapter 846 featured the battle between Luffy and Nami vs Big Mom’s army. Several powerful enemies arrived, possessing monstrous devil fruit powers. Big Mom summoned Prometheus and Zeus to help his army defeat the Strawhats. At first, Nami took advantage of Big Mom’s power. She defeated large numbers of enemies using the huge thundercloud.

Charlotte Linlin’s sons and daughters were wondering why the creatures in the Seducing Woods were retaliating against them. Lady Amanda attacked King Baum. The king of the Seducing Woods tried to explain but she didn’t listen. Luffy and Nami tried to fight as long as they could.

However, more enemies appeared and completely defeated them. Amanda also found Big Mom’s Vivre card hidden in Nami’s chest. With this, she figured out how she was able to command the creatures from the Seducing Woods. She also saw Lola’s name in the paper. Amanda thought that the Strawhat’s killed their sister.

However, Nami explained everything about their relationship with Lola. Big Mom ordered the “army of rage” to keep the Strawhats alive. Sanji went to the lady Yonkou and requested something. He wants “Mama” to let his friends escape from the Whole Cake Island safely.

To his surprise, Big Mom agreed under one condition. Sanji should not run away from the wedding. The cook thanked Big Mom and said that he will make Lady Pudding happy. However, the lady Yonkou said she will still chase the Strawhat Pirates for the things they’ve done.

Meanwhile, in the hall of treasures, Tamago was discussing the Poneglyphs. There were 30 Poneglyphs scattered all over the world. Nine of those stones hold the crucial information. This will tell the truth of the world. Four Road Poneglyphs are needed to reach the final island, Raftel.

So far, Big Mom owns two Poneglyphs and one Road Poneglyph. One of these came from Jinbe. Charlotte Smoothie interfered with the discussion. Smoothie is one of the sweet commanders with a bounty of 932 million Berries. She noticed the increased security in their location. Tamago explained why.

Five years ago, Pedro arrived on the island and tried to steal the Poneglyph. The army caught Pedro but his life was spared. Pekoms, also a Mink, begged Big Mom to let his friend escape. One Piece Chapter 846 also featured Brook and Pedro in the alcohol storehouse near the location of the Poneglyphs. Using Brook’s power, they knew Big Mom’s plan to capture them.

Brook and Pedro decided to make a plan B. “Soul King” will steal the Poneglyph while Pedro acts as a decoy. Will they succeed? One Piece Chapter 847 will reveal what will happen to the Strawhat Pirates. After Luffy and Nami, Brook and Pedro will also be caught knowing the level of security in the Hall of Treasures. Chopper and Carrot were also in big trouble and currently trapped in the Mirror World.

One Piece Chapter 847 will be released next week.

Photo courtesy: Monkey D. Luffy/Facebook

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