One Piece Chapter 846 spoilers and predictions: Sabo and the Revolutionary Army arrive at Whole Cake Island to save Luffy

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Photo courtesy: Sabo – One Piece/Facebook

One Piece Chapter 846 is yet to be released as Eiichiro Oda is set to take a one week break. However, fans continue to speculate regarding what will happen to Monkey D. Luffy as he faces Big Mom’s army near the Whole Cake Chateau. Will a reinforcement come to save the future ‘Pirate King’?

The latest chapter of One Piece featured a dramatic moment for the Strawhat Pirates. As Vinsmoke Sanji and Lady Pudding’s wedding gets near, the chances of getting their cook back are close to impossible. Now that Charlotte Linlin learned about the defeat of his son and one of the sweet commanders, Charlotte Cracker, she summoned Zeus and Prometheus, together with his army, to take down Luffy.

As of now, Luffy stood firm with his decision to stay in his location and wait for Sanji to return. In his current condition, there is no chance that he can defeat all of Big Mom’s armies. There are speculations that a reinforcement will come to rescue Luffy and Nami.

Sabo, Luffy’s sworn brother and the Chief of Revolutionary Army, is expected to arrive in the Whole Cake Island to save his brother. The Revolutionary Army could have some business with Big Mom or the Germa 66. Since Sabo has Luffy’s Vivre card, he must have planned to lead the mission and see his brother’s condition.

One day before the wedding, various scenarios could happen that could ruin the celebration. Jinbe, a former Warlord and Luffy’s friend, is yet to appear since he was seen talking to Big Mom, informing her that he wanted to leave her crew. Brook and Pedro are also near Big Mom’s location and eyeing to steal the Road Poneglyph.

While Luffy and Nami were heading to the Whole Cake Chateau, Carrot and Chopper appeared in the mirror and looked like they’re in big trouble dealing with Charlotte Brulee. As most One Piece fans are expecting, Sanji will return to the Strawhat Pirates either by hook or by crook.

Photo courtesy: Sabo – One Piece/Facebook

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