One Piece Chapter 846 Spoilers, Plot Summary: Luffy and Nami defeated by enraged army; Sanji asks Big Mom to let his friends escape safely

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One Piece Manga release changed to monthly and Chapter 832 spoilers reveal Pedro and Brook to steal poneglyph
One Piece manga release might change from weekly to monthly. Shueshia denied claims. Chapter 832 release was also delayed until next week.

One Piece Chapter 846 will feature what will happen to Luffy and Nami as they fight Big Mom’s enraged army. Sanji will ask Charlotte Linlin a favor to save his friends from danger. Will Black Leg finally leave the Strawhat Pirates?

Reddit posted a plot summary for One Piece Chapter 846. As Sanji and Lady Pudding’s wedding approaches, Luffy and Nami are near to be defeated by the enemies. The Strawhat Pirates were completely outnumbered since they’re inside Big Mom’s territory. In the past days, fans continue to speculate that a reinforcement will come. Unfortunately, the captain and the lady navigator were defeated.

Also, Big Mom’s army stole Lola’s Vivre card from Nami. Everyone knows that it was important since Nami used it to control some of the enemies. Without it, the creatures from the Seducing Woods will also attack them.

Sanji asks Big Mom a favor

Sanji is currently in a tight situation. He is forced to leave his friends to obey his father’s selfish wish. If he will not follow, Owner’s Zeff life will be in danger. Also, special cuffs wrapped around his wrist will explode once he runs away. Big Mom holds the control device for the cuffs.

Black Leg will ask his future mother-in-law to let his friends escape from the Whole Cake Island safely. The lady Yonkou agrees but Sanji should not run away from the wedding. Also, the cook promises that he will make Lady Pudding happy. Once the wedding proceeds, Sanji will automatically be part of Big Moms Pirates.

It is still a mystery if something else could happen. But Luffy will surely not let Sanji leave his crew.

Information about Big Mom’s Poneglyphs

In the Whole Cake Castle Hall of Treasure, Tamago explains everything about the Poneglyphs. He said that there are 30 Poneglyphs in the world. Nine of those stones contains information. Once a pirate reaches the Raftel, the stones will tell about the truth of the world. At least four stones are needed to reach Raftel.

So far, Big mom owns two Poneglyphs. One came from Jinbe and the other is the Road Poneglyph. Brook and Pedro are currently on their way to steal the stone. Using Brook’s ability, he found out the Linlin knew about their invasion. With this, they came out with a plan to successfully steal the stone. Brook will head to the location of the Poneglyph while Pedro serves as a decoy.

New Big Mom crew with 932 million Berries bounty

For fans who do not fail to see every chapter, such bounty is not a surprise. In Zou, the right-hand man of Kaido, Jack, appeared and has a 1 Billion Berries bounty. In the upcoming chapter, Charlotte Smoothie is said to be the new member of Big Mom’s crew. Smoothie is one of the sweet commanders and the 14th daughter of Big Mom.

In her first appearance, Smoothie asks Tamago why the security inside the castle was reinforced. Tamago revealed that a Mink Tribe once invaded the castle five years ago. His name is Pedro, who was saved by his friend Pekoms.

One Piece Chapter 846 is expected to be released this week.

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