One Piece Chapter 847 Recap: ‘Luffy and Big Mom’ – an inevitable war between the future Pirate King and the lady Yonkou

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One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

One Piece Chapter 847 features an intense conversation between Big Mom of the Four Emperors and Monkey D. Luffy. The Strawhat Pirates captain and lady navigator are currently trapped in a book. Will they manage to escape and retrieve Sanji?

One Piece Chapter 847 started with Carrot and Chopper in Brulee’s Mirror World. The enemy captured the reindeer and the Mink. Chopper is currently in a “Heavy Point” which could let him free himself up. He only needs to return to his normal state to get out of the chains.

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After this, he can use “Monster Point” to beat all the enemies. Meanwhile, in the Library, Big Mom boasted to the Vinsmokes her collections of rare creatures entrapped in the books. These inlcudes Manticore (an Impel Down escapee), a live unicorn, a centaur from Punk Hazard, and a “longlimb human”.

Reiju, Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji are all disgusted with what they’ve seen. Judge asked Big Mom why there are no giants in Totland. Hearing the word “giants” made the lady Yonkou pissed. However, when she was about to explain, a soldier came in.

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The soldier informed her that Luffy and Nami already arrived. Big Mom excused herself from the Vinsmokes and said that she needs to do something important. Charlotte Linlin talked to the Strawhat Pirates via Den Den Mushi. Despite being captured, Luffy fearlessly argues with Big Mom.

Fish Man Island Incident

Recalling in the Fish Man Island Arc, Luffy promised to kick Big Mom’s ass in the New World. The lady Yonkou became mad after Luffy ate all the sweets. As compensation, the Strawhats handed all the treasures King Neptune gave. These include the Tamatebako, the infamous, legendary treasure box of Fish Man Island.

According to One Piece Wikia, the Tamatebako is a box that is said to contain the power to make anyone grow older. Big Mom could use this to her advantage in speeding the growth of his sons and daughters. She revealed her plan of opening it in the wedding.

However, none of them knows that bombs are also inside the box. Once it explodes, it will ruin the tea party and the wedding. This will surely make Big Mom pissed and make the Strawhat Pirates pay for the incident. As she said, the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding is very important.

Big Mom does not care about Lola

Nami told the lady Yonkou everything about Lola, including their friendship. However, Linlin’s reaction surprised her. One Piece Chapter 847 revealed that Big Mom does not care about her rebel daughter at all. Lola’s supposed wedding could give her enough strength to defeat the three other Emperors and become the Pirate King.

Luffy declares an all-out-war against Big Mom

The Strawhat Pirates captain found Linlin’s story boring. He said that it’s not Lola’s fault why she didn’t became the Pirate King. Luffy vowed to defeat her and get Sanji back. Will Big Mom change his mind and kill the Strawhats?

Recalling in the past chapter, Big Mom promised Sanji that she will let her friends escape safely. However, with how the conversation goes, it seems like the lady Yonkou is starting to get pissed. Still, she does not intend to ruin the celebration since it may affect her plan to have access in the Germa 66 army.

Brook and Pedro’s infiltration plan

Pedro finally appeared in front of Tamago to serve as a decoy. Meanwhile, Brook is planning to have a “Special Live Concert” inside Big Mom’s castle. Will they succeed to steal the Poneglyphs?

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