One Piece Chapter 848 Spoilers: Lady Pudding bids farewell to Luffy and Nami, plans to run away with her wedding like Lola

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One Piece Wikia Lola
One Piece Wikia Lola

One Piece Chapter 848 entitled “Goodbye” features a hope about the possible reunion of Sanji with the Strawhat Pirates. His wedding with Lady Pudding will take place soon and some unexpected events could happen that could ruin the celebration.

One Piece Chapter 848 started with the conversation between Big Mom and Luffy. The Strawhat Pirates captain stood firm with his decision to bring his cook back. However, the lady Yonkou disregarded Luffy’s rude action since it will only be a matter of time before she acquires Germa’s power and opens the Tamatebako box.

As everyone knows, bombs were also inside the box. The explosion will ruin the celebration and postpone the wedding. This will surely make Big Mom mad as well as the Vinsmokes. Meanwhile, inside his room, Sanji thinks about Baratie and his friends. As of now, he has no choice but to obey his father.

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Once he runs away from the wedding, Owner Zeff’s life will be in danger. Big Mom replaced Pudding’s dress and forced her to wear the one she chose. Pudding remembered her sister, Lola, who ran away to find her true love. Lady Pudding must be also thinking to do the same thing.

The bride-to-be went to Luffy’s location and apologized for everything she has done. She revealed that Sanji already proposed to her. However, Lady Pudding also said that she won’t go on with the marriage. She started whispering some words to Luffy and Nami that left them in shocked. After that, she said the word “Goodbye”.

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Brook and Pedro proceed with their plan to steal the Poneglyphs. Pedro acted as a decoy and encountered Tamago. Charlotte Smoothie informed Tamago that an intruder was in the treasure room. Tamago warned them not to kill Brook since Big Mom would love to add him to her collections of rare beast.

It remains a mystery what did Lady Pudding said to Luffy and Nami. She might have revealed that Sanji asked Big Mom for their freedom. Another possible scenario is that Pudding plans to run away from her wedding like what Lola did. One Piece Chapter 848 will be released this week.

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