One Piece Film: Gold Naruto Crossover release features Nami’s return, Luffy collaborates with Naruto for Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece Film Gold Naruto crossover movie release date
One Piece Film: Gold Naruto crossover might be possible given the two clear hints and speculations. Nami served Luffy Naruto’s favorite ramen.

When One Piece Film: Gold Naruto crossover was rumored, fans immediately expressed their excitement. There is no confirmation made if this is true or not at all though chances of having Naruto in film is possible.

This claim is based from rumors citing several cameos in One Piece Film: Gold. First was endorsing Naruto’s favorite brand of ramen in the movie. When it was mentioned, the fans thought the famous ninja will have appearance because they knew that ramen brand was his favorite.

Second speculation is One Piece Manga’s cover in Chapter 766 entitled “Smile” which was dedicated for Naruto per se. In the cover, Luffy was eating the same ramen Naruto likes. Nami was the waitress and Chopper was on his head with a little fox wearing Uzumaki sleeveless shirt.

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The source also mentioned that in this chapter, Luffy’s logo was similar to Naruto’s with O in a Konohagakure symbol shape and the first E holding a shiruken as well as the classic I in form of Luffy.

Ecumenical News cited One Piece Film: Gold will base the movie plot in the manga series volume 777.  Gran Tesoro will be the new villain.

He is the captain of the most notorious pirates, highest marine officials and the world’s wealthiest converge in this hedonistic floating fortress. The ship is said to be beyond the grasp of the World Government.

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Tesoro was considered an untouchable pirate due to his extreme wealth and extreme desire to pursue his plans to rule the world in peril. Monkey D. Luffy and the whole Straw Hat Pirates will stop him from succeeding his plans, Anime News Network mentioned.

Would Naruto appear in One Piece Film: Gold and help Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to stop Gran Tesoro’s evil plans? Is One Piece Film: Gold Naruto crossover possible?

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