One Piece Manga release changes from weekly to monthly; Chapter 832 release date next week; Jinbe lost one arm, Pedro & Brook reunites with Pekoms

One Piece Manga release changed to monthly and Chapter 832 spoilers reveal Pedro and Brook to steal poneglyph
One Piece manga release might change from weekly to monthly. Shueshia denied claims. Chapter 832 release was also delayed until next week.

Recently, the One Piece Manga release date was rumored to change from weekly to monthly serialization. One sign of its possibility is the delay of the Chapter 832 release.

Chapter 832 was supposedly released this week if we follow the usual One Piece Manga schedules. Most of the time, the manga has never failed to unveil new exciting chapters between Thursday or Friday. However, this week they didn’t release anything yet.

It was reported that the chapter was delayed to July 14 with unclear reasons. This might be the grounds for some fans to think that One Piece Manga might circulate in monthly basis instead of having it in weekly releases.

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Shueisha spokesperson denied the rumors and said these are not true. The company will continue to release updates every week. Nonetheless, Eiichiro Oda, One Piece creator, might ask to have a month of break anytime.

“It is not true that [One Piece] will be serialized monthly,” the spokesperson said. If this happens, this might dawn to the monthly serialization of One Piece Manga albeit Shueisha’s claim it’s not possible.

For many fans around the globe, it might sound a bit of a brag but having the manga in monthly releases won’t affect its sales. In fact, Anime News Network cited its number 1 spot on Japanese Comic Ranking with the highest sales per week with 130,000 copies sold. This might have greater chances to continue in the next few weeks

In the meantime, fans could rely on Chapter 832 spoilers wherein Jinbe might lose one of his arms while facing Big Mom’s roulette. Pedro and Brook will try to steal the Road Poneglyph while they are in Big Mom’s territory, Yibada reported.

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Along with their journey in the Cake Island, Straw Hat Pirates will have to survive the Seducing Woods danger to successfully steal the Poneglyph and search for their lost comrade, Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 832 spoilers added Pekoms’ warning to Pedro and Brook not to move further because it would be too risky for them. Their decision whether or not to listen to Pekoms’ advise will be revealed next week.

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