One Punch Man Season 2 release; ‘Anime’ will not continue anymore

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Saitama – One Punch Man Render- by deejssj

While anime fans are abusing their keyboards looking for a more accurate schedule of One Punch Man Season 2 release date, another rumor has surfaced within the purview of Murata Yusuke’s manga remake. It is now being speculated that One Punch Man anime might not continue its faithful tracing of the storyline from the manga.

According to reports of HNGN, it is being speculated that One Punch Man Season 2 will start differing from the manga which will be marked by the commencement of the clash of Saitama and rumoured an arch rival Amai Mask. But there is still no confirmation about the possibility of anime ending its ties with the manga as most reports would speculate. There is even no confirmation on which path the plot will totally deviate from, whether from the webcomic or the remake itself.

In connection to that, the confusion seemed to have reached the portals of social media and other similar platforms, as anime fans and manga readers started asking questions. And such confusion was raised in the Reddit account for One Punch Man when user JordanReaps raised his questions detailing that:

“I was planning to read the manga the moment the anime is finished, and I read the FAQ here on the subreddit, but now I have 2 questions.

1) ON the FAQ, it says that the redrawn manga starts to deviate from the original around chapter 53. Is it actually deviating from the original as in a whole new story, or is it just adding a lot of stuff in-between to flush out the characters and plot more?

2) Exactly how far ahead is the original from the redrawn manga. 10, 20, 50 chapters?”

Such inquiry somehow lead us to think the rumoured possibility of the anime totally deviating from the manga, and the possibility of changed plot. However, a concern One Punch Man fan under username Heatstrike in reply stated that:

“1) It’s just adding stuff and expanding on the plot. The overall plot is very much the same.

2) There’s about twice as much. The manga has 56 chapters and the webcomic has 104 currently. It’s pretty far ahead in terms of plot. The current arc in the manga is finished in the webcomic and it’s a long one. It’ll be 2-3 years at least before the manga catches up to where the webcomic is now.”

And with the latter answering most of the questions, it somehow gives us a glimpse of the possible time frame of the release of the One Punch Man Season 2 since the remake is still in progress and would a lot of time to catch up, the release of season 2 would likely not be within this year.

But still it would remain in the realm of speculation unless conclusive statement would be released. And guess we would just have to wait and see how far the rumoured deviation of anime will totally affect the entire plot of One Punch Man.

Photo Courtesy: deejssj/ Deviantart

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