One Punch Man Season 2 release date extended, and why it’s taking them so long

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In just a short span of time, One Punch Man has become a classic hit among anime fans. With only 12 episodes in season one, the anime series took the world of anime by storm leaving thousands of fanatics longing for One Punch Man season 2.

In the recent months, there have been series of One Punch Man updates of its release date. And as a result of the many probabilities reported, confusion and disbelief surfaced causing some fans to question the disposition of the people behind the hit anime series.

Right just before season one of the OPM ended last December, there were some speculations that Saitama would be back in mid-2016, while others forecasted a much later date, even up to 2017. And for you not to be disappointed, it would be safe to assume that One Punch Man season 2 would possibly take one to two years before the whole season is set for release.

According to some reports, the reason for the lag would be multi-factorial. One aspect causing the delay would be the limited financial budget of the creative team as Youth Health pointed out. Aside from the said financial concern, they also added that series animators are currently working on a story arc scheduled for adaptation. In a separate article of YH written by Marijim Dy, it also highlighted some other projects being done by OPM’s manga creator, thus suggesting their disposition.

“‘One Punch Man’ manga creator, ONE, has a new anime entitled “Mob Psycho 100… The ‘Mob Psycho 100’ anime is directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa of ‘Death Parade’. ‘Ajin’s’ Hiroshi Seko is in-charge of the series’ script and character design is supervised by ‘One Punch Man’ animation director Yoshimichi Kameda,” Dy reported.

With most of the reasons being revealed, rest assured that the genius behind One Punch Man, Murata Yusuke, is diligently working on the second season. And the only consolation anime fans have right now is the forecast of the first episode of season 2, which will introduce a new villain yet familiar character- Amai Mask.

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