One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Saitama to face an enemy with a ‘God-like power’ like him

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One Punch Man Season 2 is yet to be released, but recent updates revealed that the popular anime will air early in 2017. There are speculations that new villains will appear that will challenge Saitama as the strongest hero alive.

Anime News Network revealed on September that One Punch Man will be getting its second season as announced on One Punch Man Fall Festival event. Fans have long been waiting for the return of Saitama in action and interested to see if a nemesis could finally challenge him in a head-on battle.

In One Punch Man Season 1, Lord Boros emerged as the most powerful enemy that Saitama has ever faced. The king of the extra-terrestrials decided to prove the prophecy about the strongest fighter that is existing on Earth. To his surprise, the bald guy with a cape was the one he was looking for a long time.

In their fight, Lord Boros gave everything he has just to defeat the bald-headed hero. However, when Saitama finally hit him with a serious punch, the enemy’s reign has come to an end. In the upcoming installment of One Punch Man, there are rumors that Lord Boros will appear once again.

Lord Boros has the power to regenerate as revealed in the last season. In his second appearance, he is expected to be more powerful than the monster that Saitama faced in the past. However, the outcome will surely be the same as most fans are expecting.

Another report claimed that One Punch Man Season 2 will be named “Hero Hunter Arc“. If the anime will be following the storyline of the manga, Garou is expected to be one of the main villains. Garou is a former disciple of Bang, but was kicked out from his Dojo for going on a rampage.

Garou, also known as the “Human Monster”, possessed a strong hatred for all the heroes and has a confident and vindictive personality. There are speculations that he has the ability to rival Saitama’s ‘godlike strength’, which makes him different from other villains that Saitama has faced before. However, until the details are finally released, fans could take these theories with a grain of salt.

Photo courtesy: @opm_anime/Twitter

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