One Punch Man season 2 release update, and how fans react to the delay

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It seems like it was already a decade ago since anime fans feast their eyes on a unique and engaging type of anime. One Punch Man anime series, which released its season finale December last year, is considerably a highly sought anime in today’s standards.

One Punch Man Season 2 is much anticipated by its fans, thus triggering a deep longing and even confusion for its Season 2 release date.

Aside from its vivid sketches, One Punch Man captivated its audiences because of its humor and excellent characters. And for that reason, fans have grown restless from wanting to witness the Season 2 of the anime. However, such excitement should be contained for there is still no set date on when its next episode would be released.

Most of the fans are left contented on rumors and approximation of what is to come and when it would come. In a report of HNGN, it detailed that One Punch Man: Season 2 would likely arrive on November or December this year.

And such speculated release date, somehow aligns to the report of thebitbag, suggesting that an anime like OPM would usually take six to nine months or even a year or two to finish another season.

Such rumored release date of One Punch Man Season 2 would inevitably prolong the agony of avid fans all around the globe. And perhaps a result of the long wait, some fans are already creating theories of their own. On a One Punch Man Reddit account, user jorgeDVM shared his view about the anime detailing that:

“So taking into account the fact that the OPM universe probably runs on obsession examples being speed o’sound sonic(fastest ninja) saitama (can defeat anyone in one punch) and all the other monsters that were once human. indicates that this universe probably runs on obsession, now lets say that another guy says he wants to kill every enemy by the look of his eyes, lets say a death stare or maybe he decides to be able to kil every enemy by just being there and he trains to be like that with the same obsession of Saitama what would happen…,” jorgeDVM theorized.

Such line of thinking of the particular anime fan sparked as series of comments about the idea. However, aside from using their brains to kill boredom in connection to the delay, some fans chose to practice some OPM tricks.

A Reddit user named NoPunOffended, shared about the result of his New Year resolution practicing Saitama’s daily workout.

“Down 20lbs, loss of 6% body fat and 3.5 inches from my waist. My only regret is that I didn’t take a before photo :/.

Has anyone else stuck to the OPM workout? How are your results fairing?

I started at 190lbs, with about 25% body fat,” NoPunOffended shared.

These unique ways of letting time pass by while people wait for the release of One Punch Man’s fresh season is indeed a testament to the growing popularity of Yusuke Murata’s anime. However, this should not make the people behind One Punch Man too complacent, for the longer the wait, some people might get exhausted and channel their interest somewhere else.

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