One Punch Man Season 2 Rumors: Saitama’s history finally revealed

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One Punch Man season 2 rumors
One Punch Man season 2 rumors

With recent reports indicating that One Punch Man season 2 will not be back to TV screens until 2017, fans are now left to theorize first on what could be in store for Saitama and the rest of the OPM gang. Lately, rumors are saying that the second season of OPM may finally give viewers a background on Saitama’s strength as well as the addition of a possible love interest for the series’ bald-headed character.

Sources are reporting that this season One Punch Man will be posing harder and bigger challenges for Saitama, with the introduction of newer and stronger characters. Speculation is that characters like Lord Boros, who seemed to push the bald hero to (almost) his full capacity, will be in the second season and will truly test Saitama’s strength.

In fact, one of the most openly discussed rumors is the return of Boros, who many are theorizing will give Saitama yet another fight that he will never forget. Aside from Lord Boros, other villains who are expected to make their appearance in the TV series (based on the manga) are Amai Mask and Garou. Even Genos is expected to have yet another epic fight against his Senpai.

Saitama’s past and love interest revealed in One Punch Man Season 2?

At the same time, sources are also indicating that fans will finally see the origin of Saitama’s strength and knock-out punch, giving fans, even more, a reason to look forward to the upcoming One Punch Man season 2. Could his battle with all these rumored villains finally be the chance that Saitama will open up about his past?

Love could also be in the air for Saitama, next year, as rumors are also swirling that a possible love triangle may happen in the second season among its main characters. With the shortage of female heroes, where could Saitama’s feelings lie?

For now, OPM’s will just have to wait before this and all other questions are answered. One thing is certain, though- expect another action packed, laugh out loud adventure when One Punch Man season 2 (hopefully) makes its return early next year.

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