One Punch Man Season 2 rumors summarized; release dates and other details gathered

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Saitama – One Punch Man Render- by deejssj

It is a verifiable fact that One Punch Man anime series has totally reached the upper quadrant of anime fame, on a par with today’s popular anime series like One Piece. With continuous high demand for One Punch Man Season 2, this anime might even climb a notch higher towards the league of popular classic animes, like Dragon Ball Z, Mobile Suite Gundam, and the likes.

As a testament to its growing popularity, rumors and speculations are thriving on the web. It somehow bespeaks of the fans restlessness as they wait for the coming of One Punch Man Season 2. In retrospect, One Punch Man rumors and speculations are currently centered on two main themes. The undying rumor contents in the web focus more on One Punch Man Season 2 release date and character introduction or spoilers.

Now if you were to recount rumors regarding One Punch Man release date, you would find yourself with two opposing general ideas. One holds that the comeback of Saitama would be in the latter part of the year while the other contends that it would likely be aired in a year or two.

Though both ideas have their own unverified basis for the claim, still it may lead one to confusion and disappointment. And was what I have advised in the previous article, it would be safe to “assume” that OPM will be back in a year or two, considering some reported causes of delays.

As mentioned, apart from release dates, character introduction and spoilers seems to be a dominant type of rumor. Surfacing rumors about a very powerful and strong opponent who will give Saitama a hard time seems to be the most popular topic the past days.

Some reports were claiming that Amai Mask will be the villain in the coming season as MNR highlighted. While other speculations also hold that Garou, a former student of Silver Fang will hold the title for the next season.

Having such rumor in the forefront, the inner speculator within somehow imagined if such rumors were true, could there be a possibility that both characters may team-up against Saitama. Well who knows, it’s just a conjecture, though.

But be it as it may, with all these rumors spreading around like wildfire, fans will surely be more enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming One Punch Man Season 2 anime series. These so-called group sensemaking activity may be irrelevant for some fans, but for an avid anime fan, rumors like these are instrumentally relevant. Thus, making it a good read if you want to satisfy your imagination and awaken the sense of wonder within you.

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