Orange is the New Black Season 4 special postmortem video dedicates Poussey’s role in series

Orange is the New Black Season 4 special postmortem video features Poussey postmortem featurette
Orange is the New Black Season 4 special postmortem video revealed Poussey’s role in Litchfield. Inmates recalls her journey inside prison.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 special postmortem video was recently revealed. Netflix unveiled a special episode to pay tribute for Poussey’s role in the series. Samara Wiley shared how she broke down with the character’s death.

Many fans agreed that Poussey is one of the strongest and the most iconic characters in the OITNB series. They knew she can go along with Lolly Whitehall and among others in Litchfield prison. Her death clearly signified a terrible prison system.

That being said, Neflix released a separate video featuring Poussey Washington. In the video, she was seen smiling which made the fans felt more devastated. The video was reportedly considered as the series’ final goodbye to the character.

The newly released video is produced after the dislikes and comments from the fans on Poussey’s sudden death in Orange is the New Black Season 4 episode 12.

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In the said episode, prison guard Bayley killed her by pinning down and accidentally suffocating her. In her last breath, Taystee was there. It was totally heartbreaking and shocking for most of the Orange is the New Black Season 4 fans, People reported.

Consequently, the showrunners might have thought about offering a separate video for Poussey’s fans. Samara Wiley, who portrayed as Poussey Washington in the series, shared how it felt to play the role for the last time.

“I think that they really wanted it to have that punch and it to hurt that bad for people. Vee’s death in season 2, people were cheering. You could do that with an evil character, but you can’t do that with someone as good as Poussey. I think that’s why they chose her,” she said.

“People really love Poussey, they love that character. She’s really like the moral center of the show and I know that people were going to be pretty affected, but I don’t know if I could have predicted this much. But I knew people would be affected,” Wiley added.

The Orange is the New Black Season 4 finale showed scenes wherein inmate’s recalls on her journey inside Litchfield as well as the themes of corruption and abuse in the prison system. These went along with the newly released postmortem video, E! Online cited.

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“Because people are so invested in this show and some of these things will happen to characters that they have over the past four years gotten to know and love, it makes it more personal,” Wiley said in an interview with Netflix.

What will happen in Litchfield inmates now Poussey’s role finally departs from the series? Would the next Orange is the New Black Season 4 episodes remain exciting without her?


Watch Orange is the New Black special postmortem video dedicated for Poussey here!

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