Outlander 3: Lies, suicide, Jamie will do everything just to keep Claire

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How much does Jamie love Claire? Enough to lie to her or even try to commit suicide instead of facing life once again without her. At least these are some of the scenes fans will expect in the upcoming Outlander season.

After the print shop episode between Claire and Jamie, they eventually made love and rediscovered each other after 20 years of separation. Jamie brought Claire back to Lallybroch where Ian and Jenny met them rather tensely. Jenny couldn’t believe that Claire would show up and seemed unchanged after two decades.

As the reunited lovebirds found themselves once again, they began to engage in an amorous exchange when somebody came in, called Jamie “Daddy,” and demanded who the woman is. Claire was shocked after learning that Jamie had married Laoghaire, the very woman who had tried to kill her. They had a heated argument about and began shouting at each other as Laoghaire pounded at the door outside.

Jamie told Claire that he will come back and they will sort it out once she talked to Laoghaire. She decided to leave Lallybroch but before that she confronted Jamie why he lied to her about it and he said he was afraid that she would leave him when she found out.

She set out to leave for Craigh Na Dun. When she was alone in the mountains, she was filled with despair that she just broke down and cried. Suddenly, young Ian appeared and told her that Jamie was shot and was fighting for his life. She doubted the information thinking that he might have shot himself to make her stay.
Was Jamie really desperate to keep Claire despite the fact that he was already married and have children? What about Claire? Would she stay and fight for her love? This is just some of the obstacles the two will have to deal with when Outlander 3 finally comes to our TV screens once again.

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