Outlander Season 2 Outtakes: Boy, can Claire and Jamie still look cute with all the cursing and scowling

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Fans have been feeling the pain of not having Jamie and Claire for a long time in Outlander. To keep fans from getting edgy while waiting for season 3, the show has released a short video featuring the outtakes from season 2 and boy, do Jamie and Claire looks cuter than ever as they goof and curse around the set.

The video has some funny and cute highlights which will keep fans entertained over and over again. It also gives an inside look at the other actors and even the animals used in the filming. Here are some of the highlights of the outtake:

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Jamie and Claire like to dance and hum

The outtake opens with a cute anachronistic dance featuring Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). It seems like the two love to do those silly dances during the takes because there are a number of times the camera has caught them doing it. Claire even made ‘Black Jack’ Randall (Tobias Menzies) dance in his formidable officer uniform, and he looked cute as well.

Aside from the dancing, Heughan and Balfe seemed to have this secret humming exercise they do before they start shooting the scene. Could be some sort of vocal exercise to loosen those tongues before they throw their lines.

Video Courtesy: ItalianOutlander IlMondoDiJamie&Claire/YouTube

‘Black Jack’ Randall looks cute

As mentioned before, Tobias Menzies, who plays both Jack and Frank Randall in the series doesn’t look as formidable as he is when in character. He was shown in some scenes, smiling charmingly and even goofing around. This inside look shows how good an actor Menzies is.

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There’s a lot of cursing in the set

It is usual to hear actors replacing their lines with cuss words when they forget them and there is a lot of that going on the set. However, the top mark most probably goes to Balfe who still managed to look charming while waxing those expletives. Just imagine the prim and proper Claire and all the other cast members using 21st-century cuss words while in their 18th-century costumes. Funny.

Even animals can be stubborn

Not only do the humans provide the comedic reprieve in the show, but the animals as well. There’s Fergus’ (Roman Berrux) stubborn donkey and, of course, the pooping horse which stole Graham McTavish’s (Dougal MacKenzie) moment.

Photo Courtesy: Ododo George/Flickr

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