Outlander Season 3: Fans will be witnessing the Jamie-Geneva love affair

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Outlander Season 3 introduces two  more main characters in the show: the Dunsany sisters. The sisters  appeared in Diana Gabaldon’s “The Voyager.” If the series remains true to the book, fans will see the Jamie-Geneva love affair next season.

Who are the Dunsany sisters?

Geneva and Isobel are the Dunsany sisters who are complete opposites from each other. Geneva is beautiful and spoiled, while Isobel is warm and caring.  Hanna James will play Geneva while Tanya Reynolds will play Isobel. Deadline said that James appeared in “Mercy Street,” a historical medical drama. On the other hand, Reynolds will appear in a drama series called “Delicious.”

The Jamie-Geneva Affair

According to the books where Outlander season 3 is based, Jamie and Geneva’s relationship did not start in a conventional manner. Geneva had a problem, she thought, had no solution. Her parents arranged her marriage to the old Earl of Ellesmere. She considered her future marriage to the Earl as a death sentence. That was until she saw Jamie.

Her cry for help, however, did not really come out as a cry. Rather, it came in a form of a blackmail. She offered Jamie to help her lose her virginity. She thought it was much better to lose it to a young and handsome man than the old earl. When Jamie refused, she said she will tell her father that he tried to rape her. Jamie told her to go ahead. However, Geneva managed to get hold of an evidence that tied Jamie to the Jacobite. She threatened Jamie that if he did not sleep with her, she would tell her father. The threat got Jamie and agreed with what Geneva wanted.

She went on to marry the Earl, but her tryst with Jamie produced a child. However, she died while giving birth while Jamie was filled with guilt. And here lies the difference between the book and Outlander season 3. According to reports, Isobel will become the baby’s adoptive mother. Lord John Grey, on the other hand, will marry Isobel to cover Jamie’s mistakes and save him from suspicion. The book, on the other hand, said that the Earl knew about it, but accepted to hide his own inability.


Photo Courtesy: Official Outlander/Facebook

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