Outlander Season 3: The dark side of Jamie and Claire’s love story

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Many fans have swooned over Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) tender moments and blush over their sexy scenes. But behind those beautiful moments, the couple also has their dark ones. Those were the times when Jamie had to wrestle with death and Claire had to be death herself all in the name of love. Here are those moments and they are not limited to Outlander Season 3 only.

Those who have noticed and have been counting, Jamie had been at death’s door many times, three to be exact. The first one was after he was physically and psychologically abused by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) and he was running high with fever because his smashed hand was infected. He lost all the will to live because of Randall’s savage act to humiliate him psychologically and physically. Thankfully, Claire’s love was stronger and with her determination, she was able to pull Jamie out of death’s door with her unorthodox ways.

The second time he battled for his life for his life was at the Battle of Culloden when his leg was badly wounded with a bayonet and got infected once again. The third will be in Outlander Season 3 when Laoghaire shot him in a fit of jealousy over Claire, who have just returned after 20 years. Fortunately, Claire was there again to nurse him back to help with a good old dose of penicillin.

While Jamie was counting death, so to speak, Claire was killing people, all for a good reason, of course. This also sends a message to anyone who will get in her way that she will do anything to protect the people she loves.

The first one to fall under Claire’s knife was the English deserter named Harry, who tried to rape Claire while his friend held a gun to Jamie’s head. The second one was at Wentworth Castle – a soldier who found out she had freed some prisoners. Claire had no choice but to stab him and evade capture.

The last one was while traveling on the coast from MacRannoch’s house. One soldier demanded Jamie take off his hat, forcing Jamie to shoot him. After that, Jamie and Murtagh dealt with the other two. While the fourth soldier tried to run away, Jamie threw his pistol to Claire and ordered her to shoot the soldier. She felt guilty when she saw that he was just a boy; however, she had no choice but to kill her or he would have alerted others.

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