Outlander Season 3 rumors: Jamie and Claire will not be as passionate when they reunite

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Outlander season 3 rumors are strong as ever keeping the hype for the time-travel drama strong. The latest, however, seems dismal and bad involving Jamie and Claire’s reunion, saying that the passion between the two might not be there anymore when they see each other again.

According to speculations, if the series will be true to Diana Gabaldon’s book, then the couple will indeed find themselves reunited again. However, they will find out that a lot of things have changed. Some of these changes are very major, like Claire carrying Frank’s baby and Jamie suffering in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. There are even speculations of Jamie remarrying, which is part of the book’s story.

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With all these possibilities, changes, and challenges, is there even a chance of the two getting back together in Outlander season 3? And if ever they see each other again, will they miss each other so much to re-ignite the passion they once shared and disregard all the things that have happened between them, including the span of time they’ve been apart?

The Hall of Fame Magazine said that it is still a possibility that this issue will be explored in Outlander season 3. The issue whether the couple “still has an intense chemistry and passion in their love when they meet each other once more.”

However, previous reports have said that the show will have deaths and departures, just like what happened in Gabaldon’s books. So it remains to be seen whether these events will affect Jamie and Claire’s relationship with Outlander season 3.

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E!Online reports that there are many things to expect in Outlander season 3. The website puts an emphasis that the gap of Jamie and Claire’s separation is 20 years, so just imagine what could happen in that span of time.

However, aside from the drama and suspense, fans should expect to see not only new faces but also new locations. As Outlander season 3 is a loose adaptation of Gabaldon’s “Voyager,” then travel is very much a part of the next season. For now, fans can just hope that all will be well with Jamie and Claire.

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