Outlander Season 3: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe wedding plans, keeping in shape

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The filming of Outlander season 3 is still ongoing, but dating rumors between Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe get stronger and stronger. The two might say that they are only friends but the chemistry on and off-screen between them can’t be denied. Recently, another rumor has surfaced that aside from dating rumors, there are even wedding plans going on.

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The rumors that the two stars, who play Jamie and Claire Fraser, are getting married began to fly when their love scenes in Outlander 3 gets steamier and steamier. They might deny that there’s something going on between them, but the love scenes speak even louder. Despite these wedding plan rumors, the two stars are silent about it neither revealing or denying anything.

Meanwhile, even if the two stars are very secretive about the real score between them, they are proud to share their fitness secrets to their fans. It’s been reported that the two are very busy keeping in shape in order to look good while doing those love scenes.

It has been said that Heughan had a gym on the set to keep his bulges in shape. He’s been doing some CrossFit training as well as Olympic lifting. He also does a lot of running and has been seen as of late to have even participated in charity marathons. Heughan said that his after-filming exercises are not enough considering the fact that he has put a lot even before filming started.

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On the other hand, Balfe keeps fit by doing some yoga and Pilates. She said that nowadays, though, she’d rather catch up on sleep and worry about exercise later. If ever she is not getting enough workout, Balfe still looks good on the camera. Her confidence might help a lot as she had mentioned before that she is confident about stripping down and being naked in front of the camera.

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